Twist-Erase® III Mechanical Pencil

  • Barrel design features a smooth, soft latex-free grip for the ultimate in writing comfort
  • Tall, twist-up eraser is larger than all ordinary pencil erasers and enhances the value
  • Sturdy contruction
  • Available lead sizes: 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm
  • Available barrel colors:
    • 0.5mm:  Black, Blue, Green, Violet
    • 0.7mm: Black, Burgundy
    • 0.9mm: Black, Dark Blue
  • Refillable with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer® Lead and E10 eraser

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Almost as good

These are a decent replacement for my old favorite, the Pentel Forte, which was discontinued a while back. The lead length isn't as perfect (one click isn't quite enough, two is just a bit too much and can break more easily) and I'm not totally in love with the squishy grip, but the size and weight are nice and the twist up eraser is pretty sweet. Durable and good for long stretches in my hand.

My favorite!

We love these pencils and buy them by the 12-pack for our family of 8. Truly a great pencil! We prefer 0.5mm lead in 2B softness.

The best!

Excellent, good quality, feels nice, durable, easy to use

This is an excellent product. I do mechanical and architectural drawing and it the best pencil I have for a cheap price. It is a very practical, easy to use pencil, I have had it for three months, my dad fifteen years, the same pencil, still fully functional, not a crack in the plastic. You might say I just take really good care of it, I don't, trust me. I keep it in my backpack with my other mechanical pencils. My Cross Classic Century Medalist pencil has broken and been dented which, if you don't know is pretty hard with a metal pencil. That is also a good pencil I would recommend, but not for drawing. The grip is helpful unlike some of my pencils and is an overall good pencil. I would recommend for drawing or everyday use.

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