The International Children’s Art Exhibition (ICAE)

Pentel's International Children's Art Exhibition (ICAE)

The Cherry Blossom by Charitha Sunkara Age: 9

The International Children's Art Exhibition (ICAE) was founded in 1970 in Osaka, Japan and is proudly sponsored by Pentel. The intent was, and still is, to explore the vivid imagination of children. The ICAE gives children, ages three to fifteen, an opportunity to express their creativity through paintings, drawings and collages.

This year, tens of thousands of entries from children representing countries from around the world were submitted for judging. A distinguished panel of judges in Tokyo, Japan included representatives from Biiku Bunka Kyokai (The Foundation of Art Education in Japan), art professors and teachers from participating countries. Each viewed the entries during a four month endeavor beginning in January and concluding in April.

Artwork is judged on the basis of originality, clearly expressed content and cultural expression. 

My Dog Lily by Cailyn Park Age: 12

Each year, the International Children's Art Exhibition embarks on a country-wide tour. Winning entries from the United States, combined with winning entries from around the world, are featured in the exhibition.

Pentel Believes in the Importance of Creativity Through Art

Pentel believes that art encompasses all the developmental domains and fosters creativity in children. It can assist in developing their imagination and enhancing their decision making skills.

Promoting creativity through art helps develop a child’s intelligence and personality and gives children the opportunity to express a personal statement about their uniqueness.

Art is open-minded and builds feelings of independence, confidence and an eagerness to learn.

The Moment by Serene Kim Age: 12

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