Corporate Donations Policy

Strategic Objective for Donations

The purpose of our donation efforts is to support our corporate objectives, impact/strengthen the wellbeing of our community and represent our corporate values publicly.

Contribution Priorities

Education – Pentel believes that education is extremely important and that children and adults striving to learn should have the proper writing instruments.  We are committed to supporting non-profit institutions and events that support education.

Health & Human Service Organizations - Charitable causes that benefit the overall wellbeing of human welfare nationwide including, but not limited to, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, City of Hope and Red Cross Society.

Arts – Pentel Arts is a sub-division of Pentel. We believe that children and adults can benefit from the ability to imagine and create, therefore, we proudly support the Art Industry.

Donation Guidelines

  1. Organizations MUST be 501(c) status, or an American tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation or association.
  2. Acknowledgement of any donation is required.  For IRS purposes, any donation over $75 in value will require an acknowledgement document from the qualified organization.  The acknowledgement must be printed on organization letterhead, stating the amount of product received.
  3. Organizations must be closely-related to a “Contribution Priority” of Pentel
  4. Use of product must be direct
  5. Upon approval of donation request, requestors must allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of products

Pentel Will Not Support the Following

  1. Organizations without 501C Status
  2. Political or religious causes
  3. Individual participation in events or fundraisers, such as walk-a-thons, scout projects, fundraising sporting events

Donation Process

  1. Fill out the Online Application

Other Information

  1. Pentel reserves the right to deny any donation request
  2. All donations are at the discretion of Pentel