Environmental Responsibility

At Pentel, we stand for the planet we stand on. And when it comes to saving the environment, there’s no time to waste. That’s why our Recycology™ line of pens and mechanical pencils are made from at least 50% recycled material. Plus, our Super Hi-Polymer lead comes in 100% recycled plastic containers.

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Recycology™ & Re-usability

Did you know that our exclusive Recycology™ line of products are made from at least 50% recycled materials? Plus, over 90% of Pentel products are refillable, so they never need to be thrown away.

Help Us Refill The Forest!

Did you know that over 80,000 trees are cut down each year to make wood pencils?!? Switching to refillable, mechanical pencils would save these trees and add 20 million pounds of oxygen back into the atmosphere!

Where to Buy

Want to make a difference for future generations? Click here to discover local and online resellers of refillable and Recycology products.