GlideWrite Signature Gun Metal Barrel, (0.7mm) Fine, 3-pk

  • Advanced breakthrough ink formula - TechniFLO, is a super-low-viscosity ink that ensures rich ink flow for smooth, easy writing. Lowest viscosity ink in the ballpoint category Highest ink flow of any ballpoint pen 25% lower friction than the nearest competitive ballpoint Internally tested to produce zero ink globbing and smearing
  • 2in1 ink formula combines the smoothness of a gel with the control of a ballpoint
  • Sleek gunmetal barrel is well-balanced with metal accessories that reflect a professional, polished look
  • Weighted, well balanced barrel helps reduce pressure and fatigue when writing
  • Latex-free grips are contoured for remarkable comfort and control during extended writing sessions
  • 0.7mm metal tip writes clean fine lines with no skipping or smudging
  • Refillable with BXTL7 ink refills


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