Pentel Arts Watercolor Pencil Set - Assorted Colors, 36-Pack

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SKU CB9-36
  • Water-soluble pencils provide a varity of stunning, vibrant colors that also allow for delicate washes
  • Superior wood casing with lead glued to the entire length, which adds durability.
  • Pure pigment allows for softer blends
  • Colors included: Black, Blue Violet, Brown, Dark Orange, Lemon Yellow, Light Blue, Light Green, Pink, Prussian Blue, Red Orange, Sap Green, Sepia, Claret, Dark Yellow, Deep Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, Gold Ochre, Light Flesh, Light Violet, Mahogany, Prussian Green, Scarlet Lake, Silver Grey, White, Carmine, Forest Green, Light Brown, Light Pans Blue, Magenta, Marine Blue, Olive Green, Oriental Blue, Vermillion, Viridian, Wine Red, Zinc Yellow

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