Sharp Kerry™ Mechanical Pencil

SKU P1035A
  • Hand-crafted with watchmaker's tools for precision, beauty and accuracy
  • Removeable cap provides proper balance while writing and protects writing point when pencil is not in use
  • Elegantly sized to fit comfortably in pockets & purses
  • Enclosed in a clear plastic box; ideal for gifit giving
  • Refillable with Hi-Polymer® Lead and Z2-1N refill eraser
  • Available lead sizes:
    - 0.5mm, fine lines
    - 0.7mm, medium lines
  • Available barrel colors:
    - 0.5mm: Black, Red, Blue and Pink
    - 0.7mm: Black and Dark Blue

Customer Reviews

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Best mechanical pencil on the market

You are worng

Not true that every child in grades K-12 has to use a .7 mm lead size. In my school, they don’t care is you use a 6.0 size lead as long as you get the work done I prefer using a 0.3 mm lead size but that is kind of rare. I don’t know where, when you saw that but teaches don’t (or at least I hope they don’t) care about what lead size you use.

Love it. Love it.

This is absolutely the best pencil I’ve ever used. Do not change a thing... Except get us back that orange color. !!

Dear Anonymous

I wouldn't say EVERY child k-12 simply because A) our school does not allow mechanical pencils in K-4. Once they get to 5th grade the teachers don't care if it's 0.5 or 0.7, they are just happy to get their completed work and B) would you ACTUALLY give a 6-year-old a $20 pencil??? That being said, this is probably the best pencil I have ever owned. I plan on getting several more. Some fun colors for home & some black for the office.

The absolute BEST elegant mechanical pencil ever produced!

I have read the other reviews: for those of you that do not like it, I respect your opinion. However, there are many mechanical pencil designs, but all others that I have found leave the writing end exposed causing it to poke you if placed in a pocket. This pencil not only has a great feel if you prefer a "fatter" writing instrument, but when closed it protects the lead and yourself. As for the covered eraser, that fits the design by not exposing the wearable material. It also includes a pin cleaner to clear out broken lead from the tip. As for durability, I purchased mine when I was an engineering student in 1978, and I continue to use it to this day (that's 40 years).

Well-balanced feel

Been using the pen for a few weeks now. Great feel in my hand. Being that this is Pentel's flagship mechanical pencil, I just wish it had automatic advancement.

Well-balanced feel

Exceptionally comfortable to hold

Best Mechanical pencil

I have been using this high quality item for over 20 years. The first one was a gift that I received. I have been buying these mechanical pencils ever since. They are still made to a high standard of craftsmanship and feel comfortable and balanced in your hand. You feel like you are using a quality tool. I use this pencil everyday and literally wear them out through constant usage. You will not go wrong buying one of these.

my favorite

Happy to see these are still being made. Have been using one since the early 80's. Some mechanical pencil designs were more suited to tedious drafting and lettering. (Does anyone even do that any more?) This design was always far more elegant/comfortable for general writing. Glad a good solid design wasn't modernized into dysfunction.

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