Orenz 1-Click Mechanical Pencil

by Orenz
  • Click only once to extend the unique Super Sliding Sleeve™ and keep writing until the sleeve fully retracts
  • Lead should not extend past the metal tip - it will write without you actually seeing the lead
  • Unique Super Sliding Sleeve prevents lead from breaking- even very fine 0.2mm and 0.3mm lead
  • Pre-loaded with Pentel® Super Hi-Polymer® "B" lead; never needs sharpening, is super strong and produces a clear dark line. HB lead refills (same as #2 pencil) are available separately
  • Retractable tip to protect pockets and purses
  • Available in 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm lead sizes
  • Uses Z2-1N eraser refill
  • Backed by Pentel's exclusive limited-lifetime warranty

Click here for tips on proper use of the unique Orenz pencil.

Customer Reviews

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Orenz 1-Click Mechanical Pencil

Constantly clearing

The tip. There's lead build up after every piece of lead.

Had no trouble!

I had no trouble in operating it. The B lead is like B or 2B and the HB lead is more like H. And I love that, it fits right into what I am doing. Hope to see new lead grades in the 0.2 size in future. Thank You Very Much!

With the money

Getting the led matched up perfectly with the edge of the brace tip. After a few proken lead tips and extremely gentle writing; the tip will start to retract as you write and you can be suprising rough with the .2 lead. The whole system is amazing once its set up.

I have not handled the pricier version. However first impressions tell me that this is a pencil that is going to be used less often. Even though the pen feels cheaper it has showed suprising endurance.

Orenz 1-Click

The pencil works great,the. Only problem is the lead size. I love the pencil still and will buy again.

Pipe control

I found that the pipe on this pencil tends to retract uncontrollably while using it in a drafting (striking along a straight edge) capacity. A small spring inside the tip to damper how readily the pipe retracts seems to bring the problem under control. I use NorthWest Short Line springs number 1400-4 (8 springs for 3.00 ) to be about right. Call 406 375 7555 and expect 5 bucks to be charged for shipping. Then it's a nice pencil.

Great product

I love technica x but is not avaible

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