Music to Our Ears. Warmth in Our Hearts.

Music to Our Ears. Warmth in Our Hearts.

 ‘Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.’ –Aristotle

Teachers inspire us in so many ways. Others help make us achieve our dreams. Katie Dudley from Waukegan, IL is one who inspires beyond teaching, but taking action to make things happen for her orchestra students.

Katie teaches at a magnet elementary school and Julie Ahern attests to her passion and devotion for her class the past 25 years. “Time and time again I have witnessed Katie go above and beyond for her orchestra students by seeking funding so students can use an instrument, creating a Mariachi band, and guiding them to believe in themselves.” Being instrumental in developing self-confidence among children is noble in itself. But setting an example that goals can be achieved with hard work, is remarkable.

“Recently Katie found out that one of her previous students was about to give up playing her instrument because her limb attachment just wasn't working.” Julie shares “Katie contacted a well-known violinist who also wears an attachment and asked him for advice and referrals. He connected her with an organization in England and they are going to help out by setting up Katie's student with an attachment that will allow her to play her cello with confidence.”

Julie has discovered the best in Katie—genuine concern for others and a passion to help students, “I am simply in awe at Katie's drive and dedication to our school and students!”

Have you discovered the best in your co-workers? Tell us their inspiring story here and together with Katie, let’s inspire many more.

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