Laura's Inspiring Mission of Reuniting Families

Laura's Inspiring Mission of Reuniting Families

This Season of Hope Pentel is honored to share Laura Olmsted's inspiring story of reuniting families. Nominated by her peer Rebbecca Folmar at DNAngels, Laura is being honored as she has worked tirelessly to reunite people with their birth families at no cost. "She is very passionate that everyone from adoptees, former foster kids, or people of unknown parentage find their biological roots." Rebecca shares that Laura has personally helped over 250 cases as a genetic genealogist and executive director of DNAngels. Honesty, humor, compassion and understanding are among the inspiring traits Laura brings to each of her clients' journey. "She didn't even let her stroke in March slow her down. She is always willing to help anyone with a question and give guidance." says Rebecca.

Beyond her passion for helping people discover their true families Laura also stands as a parental guide to her colleagues at work. "She values every team member and she will constantly reach out personally who has a loss or is experiencing a difficult time."  She constantly brings new insights to team, inspiring others and treating everyone as an equal. If someone has an idea, she is always willing to say "Let's look at that". She values and respects the opinions of everyone. Rebecca and many others at DNAngels gleans from Laura's dedication and work ethics. "From day one, her openness and respect makes me feel like an equal/peer." 

DNAngels is nonprofit search angel organization dedicated to assisting individuals searching for their biological parent(s) using DNA interpretation, mapping, and extensive research. It offers support and fellowship services to help find birth parents and is based in Carbondale, Illinois. 

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