At the Heart of Leadership: The Inspiring Story of Debbie Stinson

At the Heart of Leadership: The Inspiring Story of Debbie Stinson

Outstanding Commitment Inside and Outside of the Workplace

Spreading positivity inside and outside of the workplace is a story worth sharing. Thanks to Jocelyn Ruenzel, we discovered the best in Debbie Stinson of Bakersfield, CA. An inspiring documentation of leadership by example, contribution to community, and an innate passion to uplift others. 

“When I first started Stinson’s I didn’t have the slightest idea how day-to-day culture would be like. Now being two years with the company I couldn’t imagine experiencing this level of positivity and kindness with any other company. I can truly say that Debbie is a huge part of that experience.” Jocelyn is thankful for Debbie’s guidance and support every day.

“She starts her days at 4:00 AM with a smile on her face and a positive glow that surrounds her.” Even in the simplest ways, she shines her optimism on those around her and all who connect with Stinson’s. Debbie’s definition of customer service is doing what it takes to make sure that clients have a great experience and get them the items that they need in a timely fashion. If a customer is in desperate need of available products, she will go out of her way to deliver.

“Debbie is not only a dedicated leader in our workplace, but she extends herself inside and outside of work to positively impact our lives. Debbie helps elevate each one of us and offers continuous professional growth opportunities with Stinson’s.” When there is good news to share, Debbie is always there to celebrate with her team. In times of struggle, she goes the extra mile to lend support to help face challenges—personal or professional.

Jocelyn shares that “In the past year, the COVID pandemic forced so many changes in our workplace. Debbie always looks on the bright side and helped us navigate this troubling time with ease. No matter how busy she is, Debbie manages to always find the time for her staff and her customers to listen to any ideas, concerns, or questions they may have. Whatever we need, she supplies.”

Beyond the workplace, an outstanding quality of Debbie is caring for the community. “When our county needed emergency COVID PPE supplies delivered to numerous vaccination sites across cities, Ben and Debbie Stinson loaded up a company delivery truck on a Sunday and spent the entire day personally delivering PPE supplies to our county sites.” Jocelyn also told us that Debbie has consistently contributed to the local community by hosting multiple activities to spread some positivity in the local area. Among which are hosting toy drives to provide Christmas presents for families in need. She has also initiated back-to-school backpack drives for children in their local community. “When I say that Debbie is an incredible person, I mean it. Over the years I have watched her time and time again give back to the community.” Jocelyn shares proudly. 

Jocelyn honors Debbie as a leader, as a supporter, and as a community contributor.

“Honestly, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of Debbie Stinson. This is just a glimpse into the amazing and thoughtful things that she does on a daily basis. I think that I can speak for the whole company when I say that we are proud to call Debbie Stinson our leader. I know that I am very proud to be able to work under such an incredible person.”

What inspiration have you discovered at your workplace? Let us know here, and together with Debbie, let’s inspire many more! 

Stinson’s is a stationery company located in Bakersfield, California. They have been in business since 1947.  



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