Drawing Lesson, 4 Ways to Draw Objects at Home

Drawing Lesson, 4 Ways to Draw Objects at Home

Meet Casey Kemper, artist and Elementary school art teacher. Casey is inspired by the world around him, his travels, his students and most recently enjoying a new hobby of beekeeping. Casey is here to inspire us in the #PentelChallenge!

Casey joined us on IGTV to show us how to bring objects around the house to life through four different techniques of drawing. You don’t need much -- grab your writing tool of choice, a piece of paper and an object you’re inspired to draw. Watch his lesson on our IGTV channel and download the guide below to get started.

Up for the challenge? Share your creation with us on Instagram by tagging #PentelChallenge. We are drawing winners from all submissions and are giving away prizes daily and a bigger prize weekly.  Don’t miss out! 

Stay safe and inspired, keeping your home decor fresh along the way! 



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