Vicuña Advanced Ink Ballpoint Pen - Assorted 8-pack

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      • Advanced low-viscosity ballpoint ink offers an ultra-smooth writing experience
      • Vibrant ink colors don’t skip or glob
      • Finger molded grip for hours of comfortable, stress-free writing
      • Unique, smart, elegant design
      • 0.7mm writes fine lines
      • Ink matches barrel color
      • Refillable with BXM7 ink refills in a variety of colors


Why call this pen Vicuña? (Vi-kun-ya) - The Vicuña is part of the Llama family prized by the Aztec for its wool. Only Aztec royalty could wear Vicuña garments by law. The Vicuña fiber is known for its luxurious smoothness and richness. Like the Vicuña, our pen delivers an ultra-smooth and rich writing experience.

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