The ORIGINAL Quicker Clicker™ Mechanical Pencil (no grip) - Discontinued

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  • The "original" side lead advance mechanical pencil
  • Convenient side button propels lead for continuous writing without changing hand position
  • Available in two tip sizes: 0.5mm fine line and 0.7mm medium line
  • The "original" Quicker Clicker Mechanical Pencil does not have a barrel grip
  • Conveniently refillable with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer® Lead and PDE-1 large refill eraser

Customer Reviews

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best pencil ever

My mom gave me this pencil in elementary school I used all the way untill my son went to middles school, same pencil and now my son graduates high school I gave it to him and now find its broke:(. Please bring this pen back!

Kathleen, Sorry to hear that your classic Quicker Clicker is broken. Keep in mind that we back all our products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Depending on if it was materials or workmanship, we may be to fix it. Please contact our Warranty team to explore options: I hope this helps!

I have used this pencil to make my way through High School, and then College. Now I teach. My dad was a draftsman and chose to use only the Pentel Quicker Clicker pencils. They are simple unparalleled. It has almost become an obsession to find the original Quicker Clicker wherever I look for pencils. It would please so many geeks and nerds if you were to bring this pencil back!

The best pencil ever!!

Please bring this pencil back. It’s simply the best mechanical pencil ever! This version without a grip was the best! Maybe just offer it online....please I am begging you! See all the reviews on your webpage! Thank you!

Most inspiring pencil a student could ask for. Please make more.

I can't tell you how many math problems I was inspired to work through for the shear joy of getting to write out my work with these pencils. I kind of suspect the original candy-color iMacs may have been inspired by this design. When I wasn't working on problems, I was using it to draw, or just pretending it was a jet (see how the clicker is just about the right position for a jet canopy?). I even cut out and bent up the plastic from a toy's retail blister pack to make wings. And you can see a hint of how it works without taking it apart.

Truly a classic design, in all the colors. Just look at eBay to see how much they're trading for: above inflation-adjusted retail. That's signal people. If you're in product development at Pentel, please, please, bring this back. And the Pan-Am, the PS513, and the PS535 while you're at it.

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