The ORIGINAL Quicker Clicker™ Mechanical Pencil (no grip) - Discontinued

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  • The "original" side lead advance mechanical pencil
  • Convenient side button propels lead for continuous writing without changing hand position
  • Available in two tip sizes: 0.5mm fine line and 0.7mm medium line
  • The "original" Quicker Clicker Mechanical Pencil does not have a barrel grip
  • Conveniently refillable with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer® Lead and PDE-1 large refill eraser

Customer Reviews

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Please make more!

I still have my Original Quicker Clicker that I had in High School in the 90s. My daughter uses it for her homework, and I want to get one for her. Please make more.


I bought the last 4 they sold on this website! I ordered 5, but the 5th one they sent me was a gripped QC. When I complained they told me that they gave me the last 4 no grips in stock. I wish they'd bring these back for at least a little while.

Bring Back the Original Quicker Clicker - PLEASE

I've kept a jealous hold on my teal "no grip" Quicker Clicker since the day I got it, back in the 90's. A couple years later I was lucky to adopt a lost smoke "no grip" Quicker Clicker. Both have rarely been out of my sight and I don't let anyone use them. These pencils are/were simply the best. They are durable, easy to store, fit well in the hand, and quite frankly, they just WORK. I never liked the versions with grips, because they don't fit my hand nor my binder slots. They hurt my hand, in fact, because the grip makes them too fat. Myself and other reviewers are begging you to bring the Original Quicker Clickers back. Please! I'd buy and entire case of them.

Please Bring Them Back!!

I love these pencils so much. I had to go search them out on eBay and I was lucky to get a few and I love using these old ones. I can’t stand the newer grippy ones that you guys have made. I lose them often because they are not easy to slide into a loop in my backpack or pencil cases. I loved these old ones with no grip because they were more versatile with carrying options and they feel better in my hand when I write. My handwriting is actually better with the no grip quicker clicker then with the grippy ones. Please heed all the review comments and bring these pencils back! They are awesome and I believe they would be good sellers.

The Best Everyday Pencil

I first experience with this mechanical pencil was way back in 1984 when my older brother graduated from the Coast Guard Academy and brought a pen back to the Philippines with him. My sister in law gifted a couple of pens a few years ago and I’ve been using the pen ever since. I’m was shocked that this pen was discontinued. Please bring it back. It’s still the best pencil for me.

Through high school and engineering school, I still go back to this pencil

I found this pencil sometime in high school. It got me through every math class known to man all the way through civil engineering and halfway through graduate classes. I eventually ended up in law school where my need for a pencil was diminished. Today, I'm teaching high school and couldn't help but snag a few of the new Quicker Clickers when I saw them in the store recently. The new ones seem fatter than the original. It could be because of the grip. Either way, these are the best pencils I ever used. They never wore out, only got lost or eternally borrowed.

Best mechanical pencil I have ever owned.

I have been using this pencil since the 80's when I stole it from my father. This is by far the best pencil ever created and For the love of god bring it back.

Love at first write….

I have loved this pencil since I purchased it in 1988. Love the orange color, love the clicker, loved the way it feels in my hand, love that it ALWAYS worked. Sadly it broke recently, I tried to fix it but I was unsuccessful. :(…
Too bad! "They just don’t make them like they used to.” could not be a more appropriate tag for this pencil.
Despite all that, I have to ask. What have you got that is comparable now? Please say you’ve got something close…. please!

please bring this back.

This is the best pencil you ever made. I cant find a comparable pencil anywhere. Please bring them back.


Come on Pentel, re-release the one without the grip!

This, in Smoke, is the one and only mechanical pencil I use! I simply can't stand other models and I absolutely do not like the ones with grips. I have not bought a mechanical pencil since my last one of these. I will not buy another mechanical pencil unless it is this model (w/NO GRIP!!!).

Re-release these for those loyal customers who do not like grips on their pencils!

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