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Exclusive! Creative Challenge Kit Q1 2021

Exclusive! Creative Challenge Kit Q1 2021

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Are you a maker, visionary, entrepreneur, artist — or all of the above?

This exclusive Creative Challenge Kit features various Pentel products designed to help get your creative ideas down on paper. Featured products coincide with the quarterly Pentel Creative Challenge; where we give a creative prompt and ask the community to share their response.

Pick up your favorite tools and get to work on a piece that showcases your true colors. This might be your most inspiring piece yet!

Creative Challenge.

The current Creative Challenge Kit features 8 new EnerGel Colors:

  • EnerGel RTX- Sepia
  • EnerGel RTX- Lilac
  • EnerGel RTX- Yellow
  • EnerGel RTX- Forest Green
  • EnerGel RTX- Gray
  • EnerGel RTX- Coral Pink
  • EnerGel RTX- Burgundy
  • EnerGel RTX- Magenta

Check back each quarter to see what's in the next Creative Challenge Kit, sign up for Creative Challenge updates and then ... get creative!

Here's a recap video featuring some of the great submissions to previous Creative Challenge prompts we've seen so far.

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