Excalibur® Rollerball Pen - Silver Finish

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  • Timeless, classic design for those with sophistifcated style
  • Features an elegant polished silver barrel with 24-karat gold electroplated trim
  • Exceptional writing performance due to the ergonomic barrel design and latex-free Comfort Zone™ grip
  • Metal tip writes 0.25mm fine lines in black ink
  • Refillable with EnerGel refills
  • Comes in a gift box - A great gift for any occasion!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Love my new pen

good ALL the time!

This is a GREAT pen. I've used them for Fifteen to Twenty years(how long ago did they come out). I still have two Black ones and one silver one. I wear jeans all the time and I carry my Excalibur pen in my back pocket, which means it receives allot of rough treatment. The Excalibur(Black) I carry now, I've been carrying for close to a decade, it writes in the heat of summer(around 103) and the cold of winter(around 30 something). Yes I've lost a pen here and there, I'm actually surprised at just how long I've kept my present pen(it has a couple dents in it, but still writes just fine). If you want a pen that takes a beating and just keeps going this is the pen for you. Oh yes my silver one is in my Daytimer(my daily planner) Yes I'm an over the hill person(close to my 7th decade) but these pen have never let me down, and isn't that what we want a pen for. Now that I found how to get another pen I intend to buy one or two more. Hope this review helps you'll.

The small things

At first the pen was very nice with a shiny silver finish and writing pretty well. However, some details became apparent to me upon using it for a few days. First, there was this small creaking noise when I wrote with it that drove me nuts. Second, the refill dried out on me extremely quickly. I did not even use it that much and kept it capped whenever it was not being used. All in all, it would be a better pen if I didn't have to go and find a refill just for it to work.

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