WOW!™ Ballpoint Pen

"WOW" Yourself!

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  • Unique, triangular-shaped barrel & grip make it easy to hold and keeps it from rolling off desks
  • Low in price, yet high in quality
  • Maximum comfort and control with the latex-free grip
  • 0.7mm tip creates medium lines
  • Available ink colors:  Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Sky Blue and Violet
  • Nonrefillable

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Ink Color

Customer Ratings:

  • Cherie

    Great for puzzles

    These pens are very comfortable to write with and the ink color is perfect.
    I do all of my puzzles with them.
    The best is getting them at such a good price!

  • Doug O

    A pen that makes you say WOW.

    Pens have always been a bit like bad girlfriends. You're not quite sure where they came from, keep them for while and one day, they disappear. You try not to get too attached. So it was with my first Pentel WOW. One day, it was it was just there.

    Right away I knew this was not just another pen. The handle felt so ergonomic, the ink flowed so smoothly. I was hooked before you could say retractable.

    Sure they come and go, just like any other pen, but I can always get another one for under a buck. That's right, I'm actually buying pens for the first time in my and it feels great.