Wet Erase Chalk Marker

Makes a great Bistro marker for menu boards, leave love notes on the fridge or decorate car windows - GO TEAM!

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  • Gentle, acid-free formula is ideal for use on any dry, non-porous surface such as glass, metal or plastic
  • Wipes completely clean with a damp cloth
  • Chisel tipped marker with chalk-based ink adheres to dry surfaces, retaining opacity
  • Perfect for decorating windows on the car or home
  • Note: this product is NOT SUITABLE for use on traditional chalkboards or other porous surfaces

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  • ska

    Absolutely not to use on boards

    The place where I bought my chalk pentel (wet erase) - in a creacorner (Wavre in Belgium) informed me it was perfect to use on board as in restaurants.
    I was happy to use it to write on my wall (painted with a special board paint), I created a special planning wall.

    After 1 month, when I wanted to erase my wall to reproduce the planning of the month after, It was impossible to erase anything.
    I use a lot of water, a lot of VIM, and a lot of energy to finally obtain a surface not really cleaned. Impossible to erase completely writings.
    I think the best thing I have to do is to repaint my wall and finally use real chalk.....

    Bad experience! probably ok for surfaces as plastic, glass or metal but please write it on the sticker!