Water Colors, Set of 18

Indulge in Color!

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Product Details

  • Rich, dramatic colors spread and blend easily to create subtle hues

  • Dries evenly, resists fading, and will not crack or flake

  • Ideal for glazing without turning "muddy"

  • Each laminated tube contains 5ml of brilliant, acid-free watercolor paint

  • Plastic tubes allow every last drop of paint to be used

  • Great to use in conjunction with oil pastels and color pencils

  • Once colors are dry on palette, they can be re-used when water is applied

  • Acid-free and Certified by ACMI

  • Set contains the following colors:  White, Prussian Blue, Naples Yellow, Ultramarine, Yellow, Purple, Red, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Green, Vermilion, Deep Green, Brown, Viridian, Vandyke Brown, Sky Blue, Yellow Ochre, Cobalt Blue, Black

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