Twist-Erase® GT Mechanical Pencils with Lead Refill and 2 Erasers

Twist Erase® GT retractable tip prolongs write-out, reduces lead breakage and protects your pocket. Latex-free grip. Twist-up eraser. Pre-loaded with 0.5mm Super Hi-Polymer® HB lead.

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Twist-Erase GT
Latex-Free Grip
#2 Pencil
Twist-Up Eraser

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Customer Ratings:

  • Our special pencil tip lets you keep writing even if your lead breaks. Advance again when convenient.
  • Retractable tip protects pockets and purses
  • Unique, extra soft ribbed grip for less writing fatigue during extended writing sessions
  • Frequent mistakes are no match for the larger than ordinary and long lasting twist-up eraser
  • No smudges, no paper tears and no ghosts with the twist-up Eraser
  • Durable metal clip withstands repeated use
  • Pre-loaded with 0.5mm Pentel® Super Hi-Polymer® HB lead; never needs sharpening, is super strong and produces a clear dark line
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Product Specifications





Accent Color


Lead Color


Lead Hardness

HB (General Use, Equivalent to #2 Woodcase Pencil Lead)

Latex-Free Grip


#2 Pencil




Twist-Up Eraser


Customer Ratings:

  • Marie Lewis

    Love at first twist!

    This is the best refillable pencil I have ever used!! I am a college student, and I go through pens and pencils like nobody's business. I have several types of pens that are my "favorites," but until now I had not found a pencil that I really like. I absolutely LOVE this pencil!! I write a lot, and pencil lead usually breaks on me pretty frequently. This lead has not broken on me even once. The twist-up eraser is amazing because it lasts longer and erases cleaner than other pencil erasers I have used, and it eliminates the need for me to carry block erasers with me all the time. The lead writes so smoothly that I want to use this pencil for everything now. My favorite part is the ribbed, rubbery grip. It feels great between your fingers and even makes a cool sound when you drag your nail down it :)

  • campbell

    favorite pencil

    AMAZING quality! Highly recommend! I found this pencil in a desk and used it throughout class and loved it. This is honestly the best pencil ever. I've made sure I've kept up with it and as a 8th grader, keeping up with a pencil for 3 weeks is a big deal. I even bought more lead and am planning on getting a pack of these. Why yes they are a little bit expensive for a pencil, but it's totally worth it. I used a regular wood pencil today and it just felt weird. The pencil litterally glides and you could have 2cm of lead and it would still write perfectly. Genius. Oh, and the grippy is super nice too:)