Twist-Erase® GT Mechanical Pencil - 3-pack

Twist-Erase GT retractable tip prolongs write-out, reduces lead breakage and protects your pocket. Latex-free grip. Twist-up eraser. Pre-loaded with 0.5mm Super Hi-Polymer® HB lead.

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Twist-Erase GT
Latex-Free Grip
#2 Pencil
Twist-Up Eraser

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Customer Ratings:

  • Our special pencil tip lets you keep writing even if your lead breaks. Advance again when convenient.
  • Retractable tip protects pockets and purses
  • Unique, extra soft ribbed grip for less writing fatigue during extended writing sessions
  • Frequent mistakes are no match for the larger than ordinary and long lasting twist-up eraser
  • No smudges, no paper tears and no ghosts with the twist-up Eraser
  • Durable metal clip withstands repeated use
  • Pre-loaded with 0.5mm Pentel® Super Hi-Polymer® HB lead; never needs sharpening, is super strong and produces a clear dark line
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Product Specifications





Lead Color


Lead Hardness

HB (General Use, Equivalent to #2 Woodcase Pencil Lead)

Latex-Free Grip


#2 Pencil




Twist-Up Eraser


Customer Ratings:

  • Henry


    Sheri is retarded the pencil is obviously refillable she just can't figure out how to fucking do it

  • Tom


    I've been using Pentel 0.5 mm mechanical pencils for years, but always found the erasers inadequate and difficult to keep from sllding into the barrel once they shortened from use. Plus, I would occasionally spill lead refills from the storage area sealed by the eraser when fiddling with the eraser. So, I was delighted to discover the Twist-Erase series (I got the Twist-Erase GT), because it solves all those problems. The eraser is firmly set onto a base inside the barrel so that advancing it doesn't require actually removing it, only twisting the barrel. Nice! Plus, the storage area for spare lead is located in a separate white tube uncovered by removing the top half of the pencil. You can't store as many spare leads as in older pencils, but that is a minor loss. BTW: these pencils are indeed refillable.

  • Marie Lewis

    Love at first twist!

    This is the best refillable pencil I have ever used!! I am a college student, and I go through pens and pencils like nobody's business. I have several types of pens that are my "favorites," but until now I had not found a pencil that I really like. I absolutely LOVE this pencil!! I write a lot, and pencil lead usually breaks on me pretty frequently. This lead has not broken on me even once. The twist-up eraser is amazing because it lasts longer and erases cleaner than other pencil erasers I have used, and it eliminates the need for me to carry block erasers with me all the time. The lead writes so smoothly that I want to use this pencil for everything now. My favorite part is the ribbed, rubbery grip. It feels great between your fingers and even makes a cool sound when you drag your nail down it :)
    I'm going to buy this pen in every color I can find!

  • Page Turner

    Durable with comfortable grip

    I have had a couple of these pencils for years and they still work great. I came here to look for refill erasers. I have a student who also loves his GT and buys other pencils with the same erasers just to have replacement erasers for these pencils. Note: they don't refill by pulling out the eraser, but do refill if you pull the whole cap off.

  • Sheri Berrong


    Love the feel of this pencil, it writes great. However, I was completely surprised to learn that it is NOT refillable. What a shame and disappointment.