Twist-EraseĀ® CLICK Mechanical Pencil, 2 Pack

An extension of the popular Twist-Erase line of products

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Twist-Erase Click
Latex-Free Grip
#2 Pencil
Twist-Up Eraser

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  • Part of the "Pink by Pentel" product line which supports The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  • Tinted barrel enables user to monitor lead supply at a glance
  • Extra-long, non-abrasive, twist-up E10 eraser comes in handy when making corrections
  • 0.7mm lead writes crisp, medium lines
  • Smooth latex-free grip provides extended writing comfort and stylish metal pocket clip is convenient when going about your day to day routine
  • Made of 59% recycled plastic and part of the Recycology line of products
  • Pentel will donate five cents from the purchase of this pack to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  • Refillable with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead and E10 eraser

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Product Specifications





Lead Color


Lead Hardness

HB (General Use, Equivalent to #2 Woodcase Pencil Lead)

Total Recycled Content
Latex-Free Grip


#2 Pencil




Twist-Up Eraser


Customer Ratings:

  • sally miller

    love these pencils

    My artistic daughter got me on to these pencils. They feel great in my hand and the writing (not the ideas) seems to flow easily. Only pencil I will ever use...wish they came in more colors though.

  • Joshua McIntosh

    Great pencil, has some issues though

    First off this pencil is awesome, has a bunch of eraser for all the mistakes you make!, if you get the big kit they even supply you with more erasers for your many many many more mistake! not like those stupid zebra pencils with the dumb cap and the tiny eraser!. love it! its also really fun to turn the erasers in and out and to put it all the way out and then lightly push on it when its upside down against the desk and watch it twist back in. really fun to use and when your bored during those 2 hour lectures. the easy click by your finger is really nice too. super helpful when you have like an hour before homework is due and you have to copy like a mo fo from the solution manual!.

    okay... so the hand grip isn't to bad, BUT, it does come off in time, like a full year of school, and thats annoying.

    Now for some issues that just kill me!
    i've been using these pencils for almost 5 full years of school,
    you guys make some in japan and some in mexico, but there the exact same quality. but i HATE seeing , "Made in Mexico," on my pencil, i originally bought them because they were a quality, "Japanese," pencil..

    Now, don't get me wrong, awesome pencil, but dude, you guys need to have a warranty for a new pencil or at least fix this issue! it's happened to me and my friends many times after prolonged year or 2 use!

    okay so the bottom twist on end tip, the threads keep breaking! and then it forces me to throw the pencil away, or superglue it and then have to buy a new one! like come on now! what am i suppose to do with all these extra erasers if i can't, "re service," my pencil and keep it going!

    now the lead, well "graphite," so you guys give the short graphite and it blows!, i always get the longer ones because i dont know who engineered it but with the click mechanism the lead doesn't even last the full section, theirs AT LEAST 1/4 of it wasted!.

    thats bad product.

    UNLESS you whitty guys are like, "oh were going to make this break so they have to buy new ones, and not let the lead last fully so they have to buy more supplies, but will trick them and give them a few so it makes it seem like its okay, our profit margins will increase by 25%!"

    well STOP IT!!!.

    please, re engineer the click mechanism so i can use all my lead please!, or i will, being a mechanical engineer.

    and make that end part like a metal thread insert or thicker, or better quality plastic, like come on, you guys want your product breaking ALL THE TIME!? did it on purpose huh? yeah i got it.

    the clip is okay, but they do tend to get caught and pull back, but it is a clip, but i've had clips on knifes and pencils that are more slim line that are a bit thicker and the metal itself is connected to the object rather than it bent on to it. well its okay though, but it could be re done a little bit nicer.

    okay so hopefully you guys listen to this review as in it looks to be the only one, i dont know if you guys get a bunch of bad reviews and then never post them, or if no one uses these because they actually suck, but personally they are my favorite but they need some help.