Sliding Sleeve Sharp™ Mechanical Pencil

Balanced and Lightweight

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  • A balanced, lightweight, black mechanical pencil with a 2mm sleeve that slides and retracts fully into barrel to protect clothing
  • Perfect for ledgers and forms
  • 0.5mm lead produces crisp, fine lines of consistent density
  • Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead is equivalent to a #2 pencil, guaranteed to scan on tests, resists breaking and never needs sharpening
  • Refillable with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer® Lead and Z2-1 refill eraser

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We're sorry. This product has been permanently discontinued. Replacement and/or similar products are listed below.


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Customer Ratings:

  • Christina

    Best Pencil Ever!

    This is the best mechanical pencil I've ever used. I've been using this style since the early 80's. I usually have one stashed but am down to my last one. Please bring them back!

  • Leila

    Greatest Pencil Ever Made

    I am with all the posters here who love this pencil. The decision to stop making this is heartbreaking for me and so many others. I have used this pencil for many, many years and am certain, there is no replacement. While the Kerry also protects the tip, it is heavy and clunky. The other suggested replacements lack the finesse and charm of the PS535 and would really just never do. I have settled for the Kerry for now with all it's clunk, but am also wishing for the return of my precious, PS535! Please, bring it back.

  • cameron

    best pencil in the world

    i love this wites so somth and it the best

  • Jim in LA

    The missing PS535

    Pentel: I agree with all the other reviewers: the PS535 is/was the best mechanical pencil ever made. Why would you ever stop making such a wonderful winner? When in your shirt pocket the retracted point did not stick you in the shirt or chest; when you have two with different lead hardness at hand, you could tell from the barrel which was which; when dropped the retracted point didn't bend; etc.
    This was a win/win instrument.

    Bring it back, please!

  • Lee Vaughan

    Best mechanical pencil ever

    Stylish and comfortable. Lost mine on a business trip. Why would you quit making this??? Please bring it back and I will buy a dozen.

  • PM

    Please reconsider

    Please reconsider producing this pencil again. As an Auditor I write alot and love this pencil. Have been using this pencil since early 1980's, started in college and have used since.

  • JUD Taylor


    So sad the sliding sleeve SUPER STAR Pencil is gone. Like the other reviewers, I have used this pencil for years and bought several at a time. Mine were Alyssa durable only I had a habit of misplacing them. Sometimes I believed they were "borrowed" and then they couldn't allow themselves to return them after using it. You guys know what I mean! Please make this pencil again.

  • Jay

    Writing instrument

    Please bring back the PS535!

    I first fell in love with this model back in the mid 1980's when I purchased one at the old Burrough's in my local mall while a freshman in high school. I loved the idea of the sliding / retractable sleeve after having a tip damaged in school. I've used this model for the past 28 years keeping my original at home and a second one I keep at the office.

    The balance feels just right and the design is top notch.

    Please bring this back!

  • Roy

    Only the good die young!

    Absolutely the best mechanical pencil on the market (er, that was on the market)! I have been using this pencil since 1976. Happily, I still have two left, but it is time to put these old warhorses to bed. But, alas, Pentel has opted to discontinue manufacturing the PS535. Bad decision, Pentel. You need a graceful, comfortable and stylish pencil with a sliding sleeve. Why not make the Lancelot or Libretto with a sliding sleeve?

  • Keith Morrison

    Bring it Back PS535

    I have to agree with all the other users! I LOVE the design & feel of this pencil. Making entries into my Day Timer feels elegant with this tool. I lost the cap and have been using the Pentel Energize - but just not the same!

    Can I get a replacement cap for the PS535 while you folks take this back to the Pentel Gods and let them know - there is a long list of loyal customers who want this item back & available. I will buy 6 right now if you have them sitting in a box somewhere in the warehouse.


  • Bob

    Best of Breed

    I can't believe this pencil is being discontinued!
    It's the best I've ever used. I've been using them for engineering for over 34 years. The *full* sliding sleeve makes this one work exceptionally well. I've bought about six over that time, having variously lost them and broke two - one in half, the other stripped barrel threads- or having lost the cap and eraser. I'm down to my last two - and the bidding starts at...?? ;-)

    Please keep making the 535!

  • Judith Kahr

    Bring back my favorite pencil

    Why is it that companies discontinue the best products they make? I have been using this pencil from the 1990's and it is the best mechanical pencil I have ever used. I have a habit of losing them and was always able to replace them but not anymore. I have tried others but they just are not the same.


  • Kent Borg

    Sad it is Discontinued

    I have used these for years, but I carry them in my pocket, rubberbanded to a couple Uniball pens, and eventually they break--and I buy another!

    But no more? Sad. Previously they canceled the metal-body version of this pen--it was more durable. Sad then, too.

    On rubberbands: by having three writing implements together they don't poke a hole in my pocket, I can easily pull one out from the others, and I have two colors plus pencil.

    Except the pencil part can't be replaced.


  • Fred Myers

    PS535 Withdrawal Symptoms

    Don't forget to tell
    Once there was a pencil
    For one brief shining moment
    Known as PS535 by Pentel.

    Please bring it back! I bought my pair in college 35 years ago, and eventually they were lost or broken. I've tried pencil after pencil, trying to regain that Camelot. Nothing else is the same.

  • Josh Christensen

    Please bring back this pencil!

    I have one of these pencils that I've been writing with for years. It's scratched up, dented, and usually tucked behind my ear when not in use.

    When I had to do math with a bic the other day because I left my pencil at home, I figured it's time to stock up on a few more of the same model - I cannot write with any other pencil without getting angry at it for breaking, or pushing back the lead, or not feeling right in my hand, or for just not being my goddamned PS535 when I want it to be. Sorry, just thinking about those inferior pencils is already starting to stress me out.

    That brings me to my next point. I've already put this pencil through hell and back, so I'm pretty sure it's impossible to break. But after having just found out this model is discontinued I'm having a panic attack at the thought of ever losing this thing and not being able to replace it. I'm debating whether it would be more efficient to buy 6 dozen bics and a half a ton of .5mm to replace all the broken writing tips, or a gun and one bullet. Either one of those options would result in more wasted lead, clicks of spring loaded mechanisms than I'd like. I also hear the erasers on firearms are generally sub-par.

    And just before my email address gets referred to the suicide hotline, I would never go farther than joke about killing myself over a pencil (but come on, the lead thing was kind of funny, right?). But this may be the only mechanical pencil that has a small cult following of nerdy engineers and accountants. If you brought it back we'd all be willing to pay a premium for it, and probably provide lots of free advertising through word of mouth and social media.

  • Mark


    It looks like we are unanimous. Please bring back the PS535. I have been using this pencil faithfully for over 30 years. This is by far the best pencil you have ever made. The sliding sleeve feature makes it almost impossible to break the lead.

  • Hoski Schaafsma

    Why in the world would you discontinue a real winner?

    Please bring back the PS535 model pencil! There is no other like it!
    I bought ten of them in the year 2000 and my last one has now finally failed. I'm glad I bought as many as I did, I should have bought thirty if I had know you would quit on a classic!

  • Joe Johnson

    Please Bring Back This Classic

    I've been using the PS535 pencil for years and nothing comes close to matching it for elegance, ergonomics and value. I bought a box of them 6 years ago and after giving away a few and losing a few, I'm out and can't find any remaining stock anywhere. I'm not going to buy another mechanical pencil till Pentel reintroduces this one or matches it with a better model.

  • Thomas Faletti

    No Mechanical Pencil Compares to This One!

    This mechanical pencil has been my mainstay for 35 years. No other pencil compares to it. The sleeve is fully retractable, so it does not catch and tear holes in your pocket.

    Pentel: I think I know why you discontinued it. You had some problems when you changed the inner barrel from metal to plastic. Instead of returning to the more durable metal, you discontinued it. There are many of us out here who would pay top dollar if you bring it back, because no one makes a pencil like it.

    I urge you to return to production of the best mechanical pencil ever made.

  • Ken Henderson

    A Great Mechical Pencil

    Just a fine product. Pentel should resume production of this model.

  • Robert

    The PS535

    What am I going to do? This pencil is simply the best and I have had it for years. I looked at the products for replacement and ther isn't one.

    This was and is the best pencil ever. How can you stop aming something so right and leave nothing close to it.

    Please bring back the best pencil ever. I do not have enough of them to replace the ones that walk every time some one else borrows it.

    Please being back the best.

  • Alan Wendt

    bring back the ps535 pleeze

    I only have two left! Everything else punches holes in my pants pockets.

  • Alan Wendt

    Only retractable sleeve pencil

    Please bring this back, I only have two left. I love all your pencils but this one doesn't poke holes in my pants pockets.

  • Karl Eckler

    Best Mass Produced Pencil EVER!

    This pencil is absolutely amazing. I was lucky enough to snag a couple before it was discontinued, and I enjoy writing with it every day. The fit and feel is a wonder of industrial design, and because form follows function, it looks great too.

    The really killer app here is that the sliding sleeve actually slides back as you write, reducing the amount of "clicking" necessary while you are rapidly taking notes in lecture or during films or whatnot. It also means that the lead is much less likely to snap off when you look at it wrong. The fact that the sleeve completely retracts means that it won't snag on fabric while riding in a pocket.

    Pentel PLEASE, I'm begging you, bring back the glorious PS535!