Slicci™ Gel Pen, 0.25mm

Put pen to paper in style.

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Customer Ratings:

  • Journal and draw in fine detail
  • Writes 0.25mm, extra-fine lines of consistent density
  • Strikingly bright, acid-free, gel ink
  • Ideal for personalizing paper, card-stock, label tags, chipboard and die-cuts and memory books
  • AP Certified
  • Nonrefillable

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Gel / Liquid Gel

Total Recycled Content


Ink Color

Customer Ratings:

  • Mary M

    Best Pen Ever

    I started using the Slicci about three months ago, and it has been my favorite pen ever since. This pen is very light and comfortable to use. I have the black .25. The ink is vivid and the line weight is consistently crisp. I will definitely get it in more colors.

  • bone215

    5 star pen

    I ordered a 0.3mm blue pen off of the internet. The blue is a nice color, the ink flow is very good. The pen is light weight. I have not experienced any glopping or blots of ink, just a nice smooth flow all the time. The pen tip does not accumulate any extra ink. It has quickly become one of my favorite pens for when I need to write small precise letters. I am not sure how this compares to the .25mm tip pen, but I would assume similar performance in an even finer line.