Side FX® Mechanical Pencil

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#2 Pencil

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  • Side advance mechanical pencil with "dial-up" eraser
  • Turn dial left to advance eraser, right to retract
  • Jumbo eraser is larger than all ordinary pencil erasers
  • Convenient side button advances lead without changing hand position for continuous writing
  • 0.5mm lead produces crisp, fine lines of consistent density
  • Large barrel with no-slip, latex-free grip offers greater writing comfort
  • Pentel Super Hi-Polymer® Lead never needs sharpening and the HB hardness is equivalent to a #2 pencil
  • Refillable with SuperHi-Polymer® Lead and E10 jumbo refill eraser

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Lead Color


Lead Hardness

HB (General Use, Equivalent to #2 Woodcase Pencil Lead)

#2 Pencil




Barrel Color

Customer Ratings:

  • Mimi


    I absolutely love this pencil! It has been one of my favorites over the years. I used to love the PaperMate clear point pencil in the 0.7 but then in school one day one of my friends had this pencil. I asked her if I could borrow it and have loved it ever since. These are so much cheaper than the PaperMate pencils, but still more durable and I absolutely just love Pentel led way more. With PaperMate led you notice that you have to like break it in, but with the PaperMate led you don't have to break it in for the led to be so smooth and fine even with the 0.7 led. The led is the same for BIC pencils as well in 0.5, they are just so smooth. Pentel better never stop making this pencil because I love it so much and the look is just beautiful!

  • Laura

    Love except for 1 thing

    I love this pencil. I have used it for years and hoard them like crazy. The only issue that keeps this pencil from a 5-star is the plastic tip at the end of the pencil. In time it inevitable gets turned too tight and cracks. Once this happens the pencil needs to be replaced. This is the only reason I need to keep buying new ones. Everyone one of mine have broken this way. But I keep buying them because they are the perfect width and comfort for me.

  • Quentin Sergent

    I like it but.....

    that over time in months the plastic clip can weaken and weaken and weaken until it bends and then will bend out of shape, still trying to remain intact, but it - after tampering with it - will eventually break...
    I will contact the company's website to ask them if they can manufacture the exact same one - in .5mm and in .7mm and see if there can or will be some with metallic clips...
    and I don't mean the ones that twist the top of the barrel to advance the eraser and same time click the top to advance the lead, because
    when you write with it, your hand can't help but rub against the utensil you write with, so the area of your hand in the groove of your index finger and thumb will rub against the top of the barrel advancing or retracting the eraser as you write, and there's no resistance to prevent that
    bad news....
    so...this pencil the Side FX Automatic Pencil is wonderful in the amount of resistance in the twist-tip or twist-top to advance the eraser without advancing the lead - there's a separate mechanism for that - and the bottom tip doesn't jam easily, if at all, as will the problematic pencil I just described - the Twist-Erase Click Mechanical Pencil....
    I love the Side FX and I use .5mm fine point because I like the narrowness of the lead's markings, pencilmanship? whatever the word is...anyway...
    I JUST WANT to clip the Side FX continually to a sturdy object, like a clipboard or book cover or binder cover or something - in addition to my clothing - without having to worry about the clip breaking after, say, at the longest, 4 to 6 months after using it continually on those surfaces, yet up to a year when using it more so on softer surfaces...
    That is all...

  • Mary

    Best mechanical pencil

    This is the best mechanical pencil I have ever used--from the ease of the side advance and the eraser that seems to last for a very long time and the ease of refilling the chamber that holds several new leads at a time. I use a very soft lead in it which suits me well. The only drawback of the pencil is the inability to use more of the lead before having to change to the next lead in the line, i.e., the size of the piece of lead left over after having to advance the next piece.