Rolling Writer® Rollerball Pen

The Rolling Writer is the original and best-known roller ball pen in the world.

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Rolling Writer

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  • The very first roller ball pen
  • Enough ink to write for over a mile!
  • Write with light or heavy pressure, and at any angle, with the Cushion Ball Tip™
  • 0.8mm tip writes medium lines
  • Available in the following ink colors:  Black, Red, Blue, Green and Violet
  • Barrel and cap colors match ink color
  • Nonrefillable

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Customer Ratings:

  • Wayne Akers

    The Best Writing Instrument Ever Made!!!

    There has never been a better disposable writing instrument produced than the Rolling Writer!!! As for the "acid free" comment, I'm at a complete loss. Every other pen produced, including the modern gel pens, should look to this insyrument as the benchmark to measure themselves. There is only ONE pen that can tout the title of the best ever and the Rolling Writer is the undisputed BEST!!!

  • Sloppy Handwriting Hater

    Favorite Pen... EVER!

    I apply a lot of pressure when I write & tend to have difficulty controlling pens when writing on hard surfaces. For this reason I prefer writing w/pencil unless I am able to write on a pad/stack of papers. These are the ONLY pens I've found that leave me pleased w/the neatness of my handwriting regardless of the surface.

    My only complaints are that they are impossible to find in stores & when I order by the box (via Amazon) some pens will be dried out or the ink flow will be inconsistent too heavy/bleeds or not enough & looks like pen is out of ink).

    I've been using them for about 8 yrs now & other than the minor quality control issue they are great! I just wish there was a nicer/refillable option!

  • JR

    Acid Free?

    I wish Pentel would specify on each package whether or not the ink is acid free