EnerGel® Liquid Gel Pen Refill, 0.7mm, 2 Pack

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  • Medium metal tip refill fits any refillable EnerGel pen
  • High performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience
  • Writes vivid, medium lines with a 0.7mm metal tip
  • No smears, no smudges and no globs
  • Quick-drying ink is ideal for lefties
  • 2 refills per pack
  • Available ink colors:  Black, Blue, Violet

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  • Tim Waters

    Writes on pert near anything!

    I bought the first EnerGel ® Alloy RT Pen BL407 a year ago. Amid a small pen display at Kinkos, the shiny chrome accents over the matte silver body drew my eyes to it from the next isle. Thinking it was just another chrome dipped plastic p.o.s. I was surprised at it's weight in my hand and upon opening the package found it to be an alloy. I gazed upon the item as tiny flashes reflecting the stores lighting as I rolled it between my thumb and fingers gauging its fine feel and balance. This was no ordinary, run of the mill pen. This was an Instrument. Not a gauging type, and you don't write with it. This is one is played, as you would a Super-Olds Coronet or a Fender Stratocaster guitar.
    I carried it with me always for the next three months. I found it could write on anything. Oily paper, cardboard, wood, concrete, even a coworkers eyeglass. Nothing could stop us. Then one morning it happened. As I was diagramming a project to my assistant the silken black line I came to expect from it was spotting. And it felt rougher . It didn't glide like sharp skates on fresh ice anymore. Now it was as if the skates had run out off the ice and onto cement!
    The cartridge was almost empty! In only three months? It was then I noticed the black on my shirt. No not grease, I had not retracted my chrome writing candy when I placed it in my pocket!

    Returning to the shop I purchased the remaining single pen and tried to locate some refills at the regular office suppliers but found few that even had the pens.
    I did get those. Loved the black that I buffed out to a shine so deep its pert near invisible. (There's that word again. Dad was an Okie.)

    I can accept the short ink life expectancy If I can have that glass glide when writing with it.

    And if I have to wash out a few ink stains in the pocket of my shirts now and again to have the solid feel and balance with the ability to write on almost anything. That's fine too.

    Although the wife thinks I have grown a fourth nipple.

    No, I don't have three, just seeing if you're listening.

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