Graph Gear 1000™ Mechanical Drafting Pencil

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GraphGear 1000

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  • Superior drafting pencil for professionals and enthusiasts
  • Easily identify your lead type with the built-in lead hardness indicator
  • Dual-action retractor advances lead and retracts pencil tip to protect lead from breaking
  • Finely chiseled metallic grip inlaid with soft, latex-free pads
  • Pentel Super Hi-Polymer lead is equivalent to a wood case pencil, guaranteed to scan on tests, resists breaking and never needs sharpening
  • Refillable with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead and Z2-1 eraser
  • Available in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm lead sizes
  • Barrel accent colors correspond to lead diameters:
  • 0.3mm: Brown
  • 0.5mm: Gray
  • 0.7mm: Blue
  • 0.9mm: Yellow

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  • Patrick Fritton

    Best Pencil I ever had, until it broke

    I love this pencil, unfortunately, the yellow plastic bit (I have the .9mm) started to disintegrate before it broke. I kept putting it in my jeans pocket.

  • A. H. Bloom

    Simply the best production evolution of the mechanical pencil I have found yet.

    My specialty is Crash Reconstruction, which includes at times, diagram design and fine graphic based calculations. I also do a great deal of report writing and note taking. In the past 7 years I have gone through more styles and types of mechanical pencils than I can recall; from the cheap disposables to "higher end" pencils offered at most Office Supply outlets. I have yet to be satisfied by their performance, quality, or longevity (I usually break the pocket clip or screw threads before I loose them).

    I admit that I bawled initially at the GraphGear 1000's $20-ish price at Office Max - nearly twice its next lower price options. But the strong mechanical clip impressed me, along with its metal body. It lured me to the checkout with a 7mm to try.

    This is the first pencil I have ever used that actually FEELS professional level. It is sturdy, solid, and operates flawlessley. I have used it for two weeks now and am exceptionally impressed. So are some around me who watch me pull it out of my pocket!. Its overall appearance and sound seems sends the message, "Step back, folks - I am here to play some serious game."

    My only complaint is that I wished it had come with more explanation of features with the package. I only now (after looking it up on the web) realize that it is adjustable to different hardnesses of leads, and the that I do not have to manually push back the lead to protect it before I retract the writing point (it does it automatically).

    It will not be long before I get myself the .5 and .3 versions. My only suggestion there, is that I wish there were more distinctive accent color differences between the sizes, to make distinguishing them apart easier just by sight. They do list their size lead on the body near the clip joint and the eraser body, however.

    So far, this pen is performing above the others I have tried, as my Dodge Chrysler Charger performs over Henry's Model T.

  • Mill

    One of the best out there

    Best pencil ever, worth your 20 bucks. Mine broke between the grip but it still deserves 5 stars. Would buy again

  • kathy

    Best mechanical pencil ever made.

    I am the proud owner of 9 of these babies! That should tell you how much I love them. In my opinion they are well worth the money, a very popular pen review site called it the 'king of draughting pencils' and I agree. Very sturdily built, no wiggle at all like you'd usually find in a retracting tip pencil, the grip is absolutely awesome... Only improvement I can think of is to make the rubber nubs rigid so they don't depress when you grip the pencil. A quick diy fix is to wrap a piece of paper around the stem and slide the grip over it, this keeps the nubs rigid and stops your skin from rubbing painfully against the metal part of the grip. Other than that little quibble, this is a five star product all around!

  • noter

    top of the heap

    i prefer to use pencil when writing - using the yellow 0.9mm with 2B soft lead is IMO, the feel and effect I have sought since I learned to write. I can't imagine any improvement so please produce this mech pencil forever.

  • Tyler

    So very durable

    This is by far the most satisfying mechanical drafting pencil i have ever used. The audible click when you eject the tip makes it feel even more sturdy. The flashy machined aluminum grip is comfortable and adds to the overall attractiveness of the utensil. I was deeply disappointed when i had lost my long trusted Graphgear 1000.

  • Damián Arrillaga

    The best

    The best pencil I've ever used

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