Twist-Erase® III Mechanical Pencil

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Twist-Erase III

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  • Barrel design features a smooth, soft latex-free grip for the ultimate in writing comfort
  • Tall, twist-up eraser is larger than all ordinary pencil erasers and enhances the value
  • Sturdy contruction
  • Available lead sizes: 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm
  • Available barrel colors:
    • 0.5mm:  Black, Blue, Green, Violet
    • 0.7mm: Black, Burgundy
    • 0.9mm: Black, Dark Blue
  • Refillable with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer® Lead and E10 eraser

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  • Engineering Student

    Been using them for years! Want 1 more size Option

    I love these pencils. I have been using them for YEARS!

    I have recently taken the dive into 0.3-0.35mm pencils and to my dismay the Twist-Erase III doesn't come in that size. If I could make one suggestion It would be to make a version in this size. I cannot find a 0.3/.35 mm pencil with a large twisting eraser and It keeps my inside.

    That said these pencils will be my "go-to-pencil" for probably the rest of my life. Or at least until I can no longer find eraser refills (Walmart doesn't carry them in stores anymore) I order bulk from Amazon now.

  • Sanj

    Perfect Pencil

    Ever since I bought these mechanical pencils, I haven't touched any other pencil. The grip is perfectly placed and the twist erase is convenient and functional. I would say these are some of the finest made mechanical pencils.

  • Daniel

    Best Mechanical Pencil Ever

    I stared buying this pencil in middle school and it's always been my go-to throughout high school and college as well. Everyone I've ever lent this pencil to has basically stolen it because they just can't give it up. The pencil writes smoothly and is very comfortable to hold. I normally hate writing by hand, but this pencil makes it a breeze. I've tried many other pencils, some more expensive, others not, but I always find myself coming back to this pencil.

  • greg

    Greatest Mechanical Pencil

    I started college three years ago, i bought a pack of two of these QE515 mechanical pencils and to this day i am still using those same two pencils. These things are precisely built and write perfectly. Im not a person who writes reviews , but for these QE515 I am taking the time to do so. Thanks pentel, these pencils are dependable,durable, and overall perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Only 4 because...

    Okay so I love this pencil. It's smooth and great! But! It's just way too thick! If the width of the pencil was a little smaller so I can wrap my hand around more easily then it would be freakin awesome other than that the pencil is freakin great!

  • Judy S

    Love IT!!!!

    I have used many mechanical pencils...but have now found my favorite...thank you for making the eraser larger and twist up. Brilliant!

    Thank you so much!

  • Liz Mowrey

    Great for drawing!

    Another artist sneered at mechanical pencils by saying he was a minimalist. I said I was too- I didn't have to carry a pencil sharpener OR an eraser! I use the .09 because it is tough enough that if you extend the lead you can shade with it. If my art students got one they knew they could bring it to me to get their names inscribed on the barrel, because these were prime pencils to steal! (sadly)
    Best mechanical pencil EVER. Wish .09 came in brighter colors, is all!

  • vitaliy


    This is the only pencil I use for work and for school, experience but worth it totally.

  • Pika

    Best Mechanical Pencil. Hands down!

    In short: I hated writing before I stole one of these pencils from a classmate two years ago. I will never go back to anything else!! Please never discontinue!

  • Jim

    Would like a special edition

    Like the other reviewers, I love these pencils, the only flaw is that the pocket clip is removable. I am not prone to misplacing items, as such I like to get the models/editions made out of the most durable materials. That being stated, I would jump at the opportunity to spend $15-$30 to buy a special edition made of all metal (aluminum, steel, titanium). I like a writing utensil with heft and a durable, attached pocket clip. A mechanical pencil with a twist eraser with the elegant appearance of a nice pen? That would be great!

  • Lorene

    Great Pencil

    I gave this pencil a 4 star rating because of the color choice. Would like to also see the .9 in a fun color like the violet .5 version.

  • Evan

    Well designed mechanical pencil

    I have found this product a joy in extended use because of some superior design features that are executed with remarkable attention to detail & excellent quality for price.
    For anyone who uses a mechanical pencil for even a moderate amount of time, I would recommend they invest a little more and buy this product over the cheaper polycarbonate or plastic shaft items; also, to look at this less expensive item in preference to the more expensive, classic metal shafted mechanical pencil.
    The standout feature is the incorporated E10 Jumbo Eraser. It erases both lines and areas impeccably. A quick 180 degree twist will fully deploy for line erasure.
    A bonus of the wider eraser is that (probably) uniquely for a writing instrument, it can be stably stood on its end! Easy to find!
    The nib holds the lead firmly & precisely, resulting in the lead mark being sharp & predictable under varying pressure while writing.
    The shaft of the mechanical pencil is rigid, so stored lead breakage should be minimal.
    The rubbery grip at the front is soft enough (unlike cheaper products) and not sticky like some grips.
    The quality of this product in design and execution is best exemplified by the pocket clip which is set flush into the body so that it will neither slip off the shaft nor fray clothing.

  • Jack

    Best mechanical pencil!!!

    This pencil is awesome! I used to use a different kind and my wife went to the store and got these by mistake but I instantly liked it better than the ones I had been using! Feels great in my hand, doesn't break all the time and is extremely reliable. Like Cody said, please do not ever discontinue!

  • Linda

    Great pencil

    Easy on my arthritic fingers. Lead doesn't break all the time and I can even apply some pressure to steady my writing. Great for seniors!

  • Adam

    Best mech pencil hands down!

    This will be the last mech pencil you buy. As a tattoo artist, I have tried them all. This pencil is the one that never lets me down. No lead slip when laying a hard line, or breakage due to barrel inconsistencies. I use them in every size available, and love them all! Great customer service as well, you will not be disappointed in purchasing this product!

  • Cody

    Best Pencil Ever

    This is hands down the best pencil that I have ever used. All of my co-workers are buying them. I work in an office setting and have used tons of mechanical pencils but after the Twist Erase III, I will never use anything but. Please do no ever discontinue these!!!

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