Refill for Clic EraserĀ®

Eraser Refill

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  • Premium white refill eraser for all ZE21 & ZE22 Clic Erasers®
  • Two per pack
  • Removes lead cleanly and easily

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Product Specifications

Customer Ratings:

  • Linda Darlene Lloyd

    Even colored pencil!

    I had received a free sample of this eraser a few years ago and put it in a drawer. Having taken up the popular adult coloring hobby, I found myself wishing for an eraser that would work on colored pencil. I accidentally came across the Z22 in my drawer and decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise and joy it worked! Some colors are easy to erase and others are a little hard. (red, black) But without exception, every color can be removed or lightened enough to use another color or is less noticeable or invisible if you run over a line. :-}