The ORIGINAL Quicker Clicker™ Mechanical Pencil (no grip) - Discontinued

The Original Side Lead Advance mechanical Pencil

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Product Details

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  • The "original" side lead advance mechanical pencil
  • Convenient side button propels lead for continuous writing without changing hand position
  • Available in two tip sizes: 0.5mm fine line and 0.7mm medium line
  • The "original" Quicker Clicker Mechanical Pencil does not have a barrel grip
  • Conveniently refillable with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer® Lead and PDE-1 large refill eraser

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We're sorry. This product has been permanently discontinued. Replacement and/or similar products are listed below.

Product Specifications

Customer Ratings:

  • matthew

    RIP Blue Boy

    I bought this pencil in high school in the late 90's. Took me through a mechanical engineering degree and 12 years of engineering work. He finally died today when the clicker broke. I've literally written miles with him. Will be missed.

  • Connor


    This pencil is one of the most best pencils I have ever had and I plan on buying many more.


  • David

    Best Pencil Ever! Make it again!

    My wife and I still have our original blue pencils that we used jr high through college back in the 90s. I was able to order her and I a smoke colored 0.5 mm pencil a few years ago. We have retired our old ones and have started using the new ones. I still have my blue one in my desh drawer.

  • Ed

    Will make you a loyal customer

    I still have my original 0.5mm from high school that I used from 1990-1993. It still is fully functional even though it doesn't get as much use.

    Never could stand lead advancement from the eraser: makes using the eraser problematic without accidentally advancing the lead and requires stopping work so that the lead can be advanced.

    The Quicker Clicker allows you to just keep writing as fast and uninterrupted as you can.

  • Matt Reed

    Seriously the best!

    I bought two of these in Middle School in the late 90's They are still functional to this day. They were my primary writing instrument throughout High school, College and beyond.

    I'm planning on buying two more since mine have acquired quite a bit of cosmetic wear. They are crazy reliable, very comfortable, perfect clicker placement and action, no rubber grip to get loose/gross, they have clearly stood the test of time.

    They have outlasted so many other things in my life, I can hardly think of anything that I have owned longer. I could go on for pages about the things that have come and gone from my life during the incredible lifespan of this mechanized pencil.

    Just know this, the value of this pencil is far greater than the price that is being asked for it. Purchase it, you will not be disappointed.

  • Chani

    Most practical pencil!

    Great practical pencil. I am glad is still being made.

  • Shiela

    Oldie but Goodie

    I love these pencils! I've been purchasing these pencils since they first came out. I've tried the newer one's with a rubberized grip, but find them "slick" and that makes my hand tired. I'm really glad to find these again on the website. Most stores do not carry the original Clickers which is a shame because they are the best!

  • Chris

    Best pencil ever!

    I have one of these that I bought around 1988. A plastic piece that advances the lead near the tip recently broke so I was looking for a replacement, I am very happy to see that they still make these!! I will definitely buy another!! The placement of the clicker is perfect, much better than at the end by the eraser.