PRESTOâ„¢! Pocket Correction Pen

And Presto! Your mistake is gone!

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  • Multi-purpose, ozone-safe correction fluid works on ball point, roller ball and felt tip marker ink, photocopies, computer printouts, typewritten documents and handwritten originals
  • White fluid covers errors neatly and dries quickly to a silky-smooth finish
  • Fine point metal tip is ideal for small print and detail work
  • Easy-squeeze barrel for effortless application
  • Contains 4.2 ml / 0.14 fl. oz

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  • Joanne S

    Best Correction Pen ever!

    This is by far the best correction pen on the market. The surface dries quickly to a matte finish. I also use it in my artwork. It is a nice dense white opaque that writes over everything. I am just sorry that it is difficult to locate in stores. Now I have to order it online.

  • Nicky

    Best for Art

    White out is an unfortunate necessity of life as an artist who works in pen and ink, but this white out pen actually makes the process so pleasant that I've ended up incorporating the use of white out as an integral part of the drawing and inking process -- it's that good! Solid and opaque with a regular flow, easily controlled by pressure (and not requiring a ridiculous amount of squeeze, like most similar products), and fine-tipped enough to allow for great detail in application, literally the only drawback to this correction pen is that it is so hard to find! No shops in my area carry it, and now it's even becoming difficult to find online. Since this is literally the best white out pen I've ever used, to the point where using any other kind is more than a chore it feels like punishment, that's terrible! White out pens regularly get a bad rap from people in the arts, and I genuinely believe it's because the people complaining about them haven't used this beauty. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say I love this pen; it's one of my favorite art tools, hands down.