PRESTOâ„¢! JUMBO Correction Pen

And Presto! Your mistake is gone!

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  • Multi-purpose, ozone-safe correction fluid works on ball point, roller ball and felt tip marker ink, photocopies, computer printouts, typewritten documents and handwritten originals
  • White fluid covers errors neatly and dries quickly to a silky-smooth finish
  • Fine point metal tip is ideal for small print and detail work
  • Available in 2 different sizes: 12ml (ZL31) and 4.2ml (ZL33)

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  • LG Thompson

    You changed the name but I found you anyway!

    I have a 12mL size from I'M NOT KIDDING: 15 YEARS AGO and it still works like it did when I bought it! I recently went back to school and needed it and decided to go and buy some more. Not an easy task, as the name was changed from simply "Pentel Fine Point Correction Pen" to "Presto" with all the Pentel info listed secondarily. I did a Bing search and found it here! The packaging looks the same as the one I have, but with some differences (old cap color: white, new cap color: clear, label info is different). Will stock up, for as others have stated, this is an excellent product.

  • Mary Ellen

    We were lied to!!!

    The local Alco store which had these remarkable correction pens does not handle them anymore. They told us that they were not made any longer. I purchased some stick erasers from a Staples store and notice "Pentel". I rremembered that was the name on the correction pen. Looked you up on the internet, and low and behold, they were there! I have used all types of correction liquids, brushed and other brands. They don't even compare to your high quality products!! So glad I looked

  • Travis

    This pen is awesome

    I am a high school teacher and I bought one of these pens 12 years ago. I took eight years off from teaching and the pen sat in a box all of those years. I pulled it out this year and it still works great. MUCH better than the bottle and brush method. This is a quality product in my opinion.