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Customer Ratings:

  • Writes for almost a mile
  • Sturdy, well-balanced barrel makes this pen a favorite
  • No matter what size hand you have, the long barrel makes this pen exceptionally easy to use
  • Durable, stainless steel tip delivers a consistent line without skipping
  • Available line widths:
    - 0.7mm, fine lines
    - 1.0mm, medium lines
  • Available ink colors:  Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Sky Blue and Violet
  • Refillable with Pentel BKL7 (0.7mm) and BKL10 (1.0mm) refills

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Customer Ratings:

  • Mariana Ovalles

    My New Favorite!

    All my life I've been looking for a pen that will make my small handwriting look beautiful and neat. I first thought the Pilot G 2 pens made my handwriting look good, but they've to much ink In order to highlight. But when I discovered this pen in the Dollar Store just one dollar for a pack of two, they worked amazingly with highlighters not to much ink and not to dry. After that discover about the rest of these pens that, that dollar store had

  • Emily

    My Go To

    My mother gave me a blue RSVP when I was in middle school. She had used purple and tan embroidery floss to work my name onto the barrel. It started a nearly 17 year love affair with these pens.

    I've moved from blue ink to black and purple over time. I like black ink better for writing. Purple is my editing colour of choice. These pens are my absolute favorite for writing. I have a ton of round stic throw aways also shoved into my pen case... but those are for when somebody else asks "can I borrow a pen?"

    Nobody - but nobody - gets their hands on my RSVPs. I love these pens, smooth writing, I've only ever found two that skipped, and those were quickly disposed of.

    Typically smooth, comfortable in my hand, great for hours upon hours of writing. I've even personalized mine with favorite writer quotes written on a slip of paper and then rolled up and tucked inside the barrel. Writing inspiration literally at my finger tips.

    Thank you for such a great product that I've used for years.

  • Liz MIney

    Best Pen EVER!

    I love the RSVP Pen! The quality is top notch. Love to write with it. Family members have learned the hard way not to "borrow" my RSVP pen. I received my first one as a giveaway at a health fair at my job so I am very happy to know I can buy them retail. Terrific product. Thank you.

  • Lisa Mascieri

    Fantastic RSVP Pens

    I buy the Pentel RSVP Fine Point pens in Black, Blue and Red whenever I can find them in the grocery store or Pharmacies. ( Love the Lavender color) I have always preferred Fine Point to medium. I usually purchase several packages at a time because they are not often in our area stores. (Southern New Jersey; Camden County; Runnemede, NJ, Glendora, NJ, Bellmawr, NJ, Audubon, NJ. ; Acme, Walgreens, CVS, some Dollar stores.)

    Can you refer me to what stores carry them regularly? I would appreciate it very much. Also, am I able to purchase them in bulk on-line here at your site? If so, what quantity and what is the price?

    Thank you for the quality of this pen. I am a creative writer who still prefers to write on paper before transferring to the computer and also keep hand-written journals.

    Thank you.

    Lisa Mascieri