Cushion Ball Tip™ Roller Pen Refill

Slim Rolling Writer Refills

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Customer Ratings:

  • Cushion Ball Tip
  • Medium line
  • Black Ink
  • 1 refill per pack
  • Refills for Slim Rolling Writer (R3 & R4)
  • "Cushion Ball Tip" Facts:  
  • Water-based ink
  • Fibre feed & hard alloy tip set in a flexible delrin socket
  • Allows for smooth writing with no skipping or blotting
  • Extraordinary flexibility
  • Can produce lines of various widths

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Customer Ratings:

  • Valerie Heiserman

    Love my BHM6

    My silver BHM6 is the first pen that I NEVER lose! The silver color is lovely and delicate, and I love writing with the FINE point! I am distressed that I can no longer buy that item, as it is no longer made. I was told to use the MG8-A instead. I don't like that I have to switch to a medium point in order to continue using my pen. Please bring back the fine point!

  • Florence

    Refills needed

    The pens are very good but l need refill for my MGN6S pen. I hate to throw them away. I have like 6 pens. Please help

  • Gilbert J. Heroux

    We need refills

    I have been using my MG6G pens for decades. The ink last forever. And the metal pen is beautiful.

    But now I can't find any refills for them. I hate to throw five good pens away.

  • Mark Walker


    I have owned my R3 pen for many decades. I cannot see doing any
    of my bookkeeping with any other pen. I truely enjoy using it to complete my daily routine.I wish Pentel would consider bringing the pen back in production.