PDE-1 Large Refill Eraser

Refill Eraser

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Latex-Free Grip

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  • Large, white refill eraser
  • Refill for the following Pentel Mechanical Pencils:
    • Quicker Clicker
    • Jolt
    • EZ#2
    • Cometz
    • Clarius
    • Forte series
    • Techniclick series
    • .e-clic sseries
    • Cool Lines
    • Planetz
    • Carnival
    • Champ
    • Icy
  • Five per tube

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Latex-Free Grip


Customer Ratings:

  • Robbie Hallmark

    Pentel Champ best mechanical pencil I ever used.

    The Champ is the best mechanical pencil I have ever used. it writes so smooth, the lead never breaks, it is just the best I have ever used.
    I just would like to be able to buy the eraser refills in stores such as WalMart or CVS, just in department stores. Because I. as well as. a lot of other people use these mechanical pencils. We need to be able to buy necessary refills for our pencils.

    Thank You,
    Robbie Hallmark

  • Shirley

    Quicker Clicker super fan

    I love working puzzles of all kinds especially crosswords and I spend a lot of time in Bible Study. I have never found a pencil that even begins to compare to the Quicker Clicker and am very disappointed to see that it has been discontinued. I love this pencil. I still have half dozen or so in both .5 and .7. I have no complaints about this product. It has always been number one with me. I am having trouble finding replacement erasers but am planning to purchase them online. Please don't discontinue them as well. Thank you for many years of smooth writing.

  • Alison

    QuickerClicker fan

    This is one of the best refill pencil erasers out there because it is precise, smooth, and compatible with the best mechanical pencils out there. I have been a longtime user of QuickerClicker pencils and I think these PDE-1 refill erasers should be more readily available in stores (like OfficeMax, Office Depot, CVS, Walgreens, Target, Safeway, etc.) again! I was out on a search in stores for awhile and decided to just buy it online. But it really does need to be back in stores. The QuickerClicker is the best mechanical pencil I've ever used and if it (and its refill eraser) is finally (after about a decade) becoming less popular, I think it might just need something as simple as a few ads to boost sales. These products are classic - as classic as a yellow Number 2 pencil but better for most tasks. Why get rid of something which cannot be improved on much? They are fantastic! (Though if QuickerClicker would be open to improvement, I would suggest a retractable point to avoid snapping off. Not necessary because all the ones I've owned never had a snapped point, but it's the only thing I can think of which can make it better.)