Mini R.S.V.P.® Ballpoint Pen

The mastermind behind all ballpoint pens!

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  • Mini pens in vivid colors for messages that pop!
  • Convenient hole in cap allows you to clip it, hang it, wear it!
  • Stainless steel metal tip produces crisp 1.0mm, medium lines
  • Ink color matches barrel color
  • Latex-free Comfort Zone® grip allows extended writing control
  • Available ink colors include:  Red, Green, Sky Blue
  • Refillable with Pentel BKS10HBP2 refills (only black, red and blue ink refills are available)

Availability: Out of Stock

We're sorry. This product has been permanently discontinued. Replacement and/or similar products are listed below.

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Customer Ratings:

  • Peg


    The wonderful pens are everywhere in our house. We take them on trips, carry them in coat pockets, purses, and hand luggage. Please consider bringing them back!!!!

  • Charlene Clark

    we can't function!

    As a middle school math department chair, I cannot imagine teaching without these pens. I gave them as gifts to my team 3 years ago, and everyone was immediately addicted! We wear them on our lanyards, which means we always have a pen ready for action, and we change the pen colors each 9 weeks so we can easily notice when different forms were completed, notes written, etc. Seriously, we need these, and would happily buy a very large stock for our whole school. Please start making them again, or I am going to have to retire early!

  • Gaye Hammer

    I am shocked this pen has been discontinued!!!

    I can't believe it!!! You discontinued my all time very favorite pen!!!! I am a pen freak, I've tried almost every pen on the market!!! This truly is the best working, most reliable pen ever- believe me- I know- I've paid $60.00 for pens more than once and always come back to the mini & the regular RSVP Pens- You've got to bring them back!!!!!

  • John


    I love the mini RSVP black, med. pt. as it fits perfectly in my pocket. Based on all other comments, it seems to me that you should bring this product back. Please reconsider your decision and make us happy again!

  • Jennifer

    OMG! I can't believe they're discontinued!

    I love these pens and use them in various places and ways during my day: on my keychain, in my purse, on the fridge, by the phone, in my van. I'm so disappointed that you don't make them anymore. I guess I'm grateful that I stocked up and only had to start looking for them recently. The other mini pens don't cut it. Please bring them back!

  • Debbie

    Mini RSVP pens

    Love, love them !!! Perfect for work ! Please, please, please bring them back !!!

  • Volarte' Ziurella

    mini RSVP's!

    I keep them clipped to my dayplanner and use them everyday. Very upset when companies discontinue what I use every day. Would have loved to have known to have bought a life-time supply. Like the other reviewers, I say bring them back. If not enough people used them, they didn't know. Maybe more advertising so people could know how convenient they are. I keep some clipped in my purse and on my key chains too! Used to be I couldn't keep enough pens in my purse, they would fly out, but with the little whole at top and a ring through them, you use the pen then immediately snap it back in place; always have pens available. PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP, RECONTINUE AND LET EVERYONE KNOW HOW INCREDIBLE THEY ARE. In meantime please let us who love them and are taking time to write, buy up old stock. Thanks!

  • Kenneth Foote

    bring them back

    I miss the pen's they work great. I can have it clipped to my badge

  • Kelley Metcalf

    NO NO NO!!!!

    I was coming to purchase 100 for our ramp team at American Airlines!! We love to wear them on our lanyards! They are amazing!! Please bring them back and I love the .88 price! Please let me know when they are available ASAP!

  • Staci


    I love these little pens and usually order a couple boxes a year. They are awesome to clip to my name tag for work so i always have a pen where ever i am at on the job as well as i put one in my wallet and have one in the car at all times. Im very disappointed to see that they are discontinued. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!! I only have a couple left. :(

  • Micki Hartwig

    Best pen for teachers EVER!

    I had made it a habit to buy 3-4 packages of these amazing pens at the beginning of every school year! They are the most convenient writing tool for teachers and the write very well. How do we get Pentel to reconsider? No other pen will do!

  • Micki Hartwig

    Best pen for teachers EVER!

    I had made it a habit to buy 3-4 packages of these amazing pens at the beginning of every school year! They are the most convenient writing tool for teachers and the write very well. How do we get Pentel to reconsider? No other pen will do!

  • carla

    Bring them back! Please....

    Oh no! I love these little pens! Fits perfect on my lanyard, where I can always have access to it. I can't believe that you have discontinued them. Please consider bringing them back!!

  • Paul

    really miss this pen

    My wife and I are both teachers. We bought a couple of boxes of these pens and gave them away to coworkers at the start of the last few years (and use them ourselves, of course!) These were great because they could clip on to anything, a lanyard, belt, ID Badge holder.... and fit anyone's needs to always have a pen handy.

    Alas, my last one went dry near the end of last year and we can not resupply due to the discontinued status of this product.

    We restarted school this year and all my co-workers are equally disappointed b/c of how handy and versatile these little guys were. bummer.

  • Truman


    Great pen, used for years and no replacement.

  • Roxanna Martell


    Yikes! I've been using these pens for years. I keep one clipped to my belt loop all the time. Just snap it off and snap it back on again. No wonder Staples didn't have them. So sad. Other mini pens just aren't as convienient to use. Sigh.