Lancelot Rollerball Pen

Impressive look....expressive lines

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  • Shiny black silver and expressive, black ink
  • A classic roller pen with the smoothest, most expressive feel available
  • Large, contemporary barrel offers maximum control and appeal
  • 0.8mm Cushion Ball Tip feature produces a 0.4mm, medium line for smooth, effortless writing
  • Uses Pentel RMJ black refill

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We're sorry. This product has been permanently discontinued. Replacement and/or similar products are listed below.


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Customer Ratings:

  • melanie higgins

    please bring back R3, R4, Lancelot

    I was given a pen which used the superfine superball BHM6 refill which I used until the ink was gone. I kept the pen for 20 yrs after not being able to locate a refill (before the internet). I finally found the refill but I lost or someone stole the pen. When I tried to buy another (still don't know the name of it), I found it was discontinued, so I bought the Lancelot and in less than 5 yrs it too was discontinued. The disposable rolling writers (R-100) appear to be what the Lancelot needs as a refill. Is this correct? can you make refills for the Lancelot please?????!!!! Ive also tried to locate Slim rolling writers R3 and R4 and those aren't made any more either, but I can find the refills!! Please bring back the pen that uses BHM6 and refills for the Lancelot (the first version)!!!!!

  • Jack Kile

    Lancelot Rollerball Pen

    I have used this pen for years. Really liked it. Am very disappointed in its discontinuance. Please bring it back.

  • M. Rita Franklin


    I have used & still own 10 of these fine pens. I wrote to Pentel to explain why this particular pen was my favorite & to ask why the refills were being discontinued. Pentel tried to assure me that the new Libretto-"energel was superior. WELL, IT IS NOT!! THE BALANCE OF WEIGHT, fluidity of the ink, quality of the lettering are ALL INFERIOR TO THE LANCELOT. I HAVE HAD PROBLEMS WITH THE Libretto: barrel leaks when cap is on & on my hands while writing!! Ink refill s not as large as the Lancelot, so runs out frequently. The 0.7's squeak and scratch on the writing paper. I DO NOT LIKE THIS PEN!!IT'S A PIECE OF GARBAGE. BRING SOME CLASS BACK TO YOUR BUSINESS WITH THE LANCELOT!!! AND KEEP SELLING REFILLS!!

  • Wanda McBrayer

    great pen

    I have been using this same pen for avery long time even ordering extra ones I want thw lancelot rollerball pen