Hybrid Technica™ Gel Pens

Perfect for sketching, drawing, manga and more with archival quality pigment ink that goes on smooth and dries fast.

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Acid Free
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  • Acid-free, water-resistant archival ink protects your sketches, drawings, manga art and so much more
  • Unique tungsten carbide roller ball tip guarantees a consistent line from the first to last drop of ink
  • Pen will not dry out if left uncapped during use
  • Available in five line sizes: 0.3mm (extra-fine), 0.4mm (fine), 0.5mm (medium), 0.6mm (bold), and 0.8mm (extra-bold)

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Gel / Liquid Gel



Acid Free


Check Safe


Customer Ratings:

  • Florencia


    This is my absolute favorite pen of all time. Ink flows perfectly 100% of the time and it is very dark and so so thin, which in my experience is very hard to find in gel pens. My only wish is that it was available in more colors, metallic, pastels, etc. I would buy them all!

  • Lily Luu

    Pen of Heaven

    This pen is amazing! I use it to take notes and draw various things, varying from manga to real animals. I own only one because my uncle gave it to me, and I cherish it because it's the best pen I've ever used. The quality is perfect and it doesn't clog up or skip. I look forward to buy a lot more of these so I don't need to worry about losing my pen that I have now. This pen is worthwhile, I guarantee it!

  • Kitty Bateman


    I absolutely love this pen. I use mine for drawing, taking notes, writing in my journal and tossed in my purse. The line is really crisp and fine, the ink is really dark, and it flows really well - never too much, but never skips.

    I'm left-handed, so I'm doubly challenged to find good pens that continue to work. We lefties push our pens along rather than pulling them, so they often clog up or the tip breaks.

    Not so with this pen!