Graph Gear 500™ Mechanical Drafting Pencil

Superior Construction!

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GraphGear 500
Latex-Free Grip
#2 Pencil

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  • Weighted at your fingertips for precise drafting & template work
  • Metallic mesh grip on a slim, beveled barrel promotes control when writing
  • 4mm tip design makes it ideal for use with rulers and templates
  • Pre-loaded with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer® HB lead; never needs sharpening, is super strong and produces a clear dark line
  • Available tip sizes:  0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm
  • Barrel colors:
    0.3mm: Brown
    0.5mm: Black
    0.7mm: Blue
    0.9mm: Gray

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Accent Color


Lead Color


Lead Hardness

HB (General Use, Equivalent to #2 Woodcase Pencil Lead)



Latex-Free Grip


#2 Pencil




Customer Ratings:

  • Richard j McHone


    Oddly i use it to draw finer lines and more detail lines in my drawins it is amazing! I bought one 3 years ago still intact besides the clip i just bought a new one the quality is unreal the original is still in tact just wanted a newer one who can have enougj good quality pencils?

  • Bissi

    Great pencil but erasers tend to slip

    This pencil would be perfect if only the erasers fit better. I use it for drawing and make lots of tiny corrections with the eraser. But every time I do, the eraser gets pushed up and disappears into the body of the pencil, leaving only the metal edge against the paper. So then I have to stop, remove the eraser, push it back into position within its metal sheath, and then re-insert it in the pencil.

    I wish Pentel could provide an eraser that maintains its position better to go with this excellent pencil!

  • Ricardo G.

    Incomparable Quality

    I'm glad that companies like Pentel still build quality products that are meant to last in this market flooded with disposable products.
    I remember buying this mechanical pencil (previous PG517 version, to be precise) around 2001 and is still working almost as good as it did when I bought it.

    I'm visiting this site to buy a new one just because mine started to get some sporadic mechanical problems after I accidentally dropped from a balcony on a second floor, and decided to post a comment on the product.

    I have gone through countless leads and eraser refills; and after exchanging a few hands and getting several "wow, this is a great pencil" comments, I'll be sending this pencil home and get a new one for my office.

    If you manage to keep this pencil with you, it may be one of the best investments you will ever make.

  • mary lou wiegabd

    graphgear 500 pencil

    love it. but how the heck is more lead put in? i've almost stood on my head, squinted, smashed the fragile lead trying to put more in so i can keep using it! give me a clue.
    help/search was no help.
    went on Youtube - none of the pens are like mine - my barrell does not disassemble beyond the tip end. it's .3 mm.

    - Reply from Pentel -

    Mary Lou,
    I saw your review of the GraphGear 500 on our site and wanted to reach out with some guidance.

    To access the lead tube, simply remove the eraser cap at top of the pencil. This will expose the eraser. Next, pull the eraser off. You will then see the tube for your 0.3mm lead. Load at will. :-)


  • Furkan

    Perfect to the core

    This is the best mechanical pencil i have ever owned. Extremely sensitive, smooth and solid machine with a perfect, stylish design. Definitely worth its price.

  • Kyle


    This is one of the best mechanical pencils I have ever had. It broke although I had it for a couple of years. I am studying to become a computer engineer and I only use this pencil.