Finito! X-tra Fine Porous Point Pens

Add style to your notes, sketches and signatures!

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  • Doesn’t bleed through most paper
  • Permanent pigment ink makes this pen check safe and fade and water resistant
  • Liquid ink flows smoothly for seamless, skip-free writing
  • Durable plastic nib writes extra-fine lines with no bleed and no smear on most paper
  • Snap tight cap helps your ink last longer
  • Available in an all-black three pack as well as a mixed ink three pack consisting of: Black, Red and Blue

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Check Safe


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Customer Ratings:

  • Nice_Chica13

    Perfect for Signatures

    This is a great everyday pen, but if you like to have a clear, legible, and presentable signature on important documents, then no other pen beats this one. And yes, I've tried the Sharpie brand.

    The fine points are great for writing and editing. However, I prefer the medium point for signatures, and the occasional checks that need to be written. My only suggestion to Pentel, is bring them back to the stores. I'm having trouble finding them in stores.

  • Michael

    My Favorite Pens

    I am a collector of pens. I have high end fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens. My pen of choice is the finito. Smooth and bold. Can't beat it.

  • Krystle

    Techers love Finito!

    I'm not one to write companies but I just have to share! I am a teacher and many of my fellow teachers and myself are Finito lovers! Our love for Finito is even starting to spread to some of our students! I would LOVE if Finito would come in more colors (we try to stay away from correcting in typical red). I hope that it is something you may consider (I would personally love purple!)

    Thank you for making such an awesome, smudge free, and resonably priced pen!

  • Diana Zoth

    Love these pens!

    I bought a package of these pins and I love the way they write!
    I have been looking and looking for them and could not find them in the stores again. They are the nicest writing pens I've had in a long time. They're very precise and no ink smearing or feathering.