Finito! X-tra Fine Porous Point Pens

Add style to your notes, sketches and signatures!

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  • Doesn’t bleed through most paper
  • Permanent pigment ink makes this pen check safe and fade and water resistant
  • Liquid ink flows smoothly for seamless, skip-free writing
  • Durable plastic nib writes extra-fine lines with no bleed and no smear on most paper
  • Snap tight cap helps your ink last longer
  • Available in an all-black three pack as well as a mixed ink three pack consisting of: Black, Red and Blue

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Check Safe


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Customer Ratings:

  • Krystle

    Techers love Finito!

    I'm not one to write companies but I just have to share! I am a teacher and many of my fellow teachers and myself are Finito lovers! Our love for Finito is even starting to spread to some of our students! I would LOVE if Finito would come in more colors (we try to stay away from correcting in typical red). I hope that it is something you may consider (I would personally love purple!)

    Thank you for making such an awesome, smudge free, and resonably priced pen!

  • Diana Zoth

    Love these pens!

    I bought a package of these pins and I love the way they write!
    I have been looking and looking for them and could not find them in the stores again. They are the nicest writing pens I've had in a long time. They're very precise and no ink smearing or feathering.