Fabric FunĀ® Pastel Dye Sticks, Set of 15

Transform ordinary fabric into FABULOUS!

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Fabric Fun

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  • Create your favorite design with fun, easy-to-use dye sticks
  • Brilliant, acid-free pigment
  • Simply draw or stencil a design on a piece of fabric, cover with soft paper and set by pressing with an iron
  • Drawing becomes permanent once heat set
  • Fabric Fun Colors Include: Black; White; Gray; Prussian Blue; Cobalt Blue; Green; Blue Green; Yellow Green; Yellow; Yellow Orange; Orange; Red; Pink; Yellow Ochre; Vandyke Brown
  • ACMI Certified
  • Also available in a set of 7 (PTS-7)

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Customer Ratings:

  • Michelle Richards-Clermont

    15 Years later and Still Colourful

    i made my daughter a dinosaur t-shirt when she was in Kindergarten. I drew the dinosaur on the shirt using the Pentel Fabric Fun Dye Sticks. She wore it for years until It just wouldn't fit anymore so it got packed away. 15 years later my granddaughter is now enjoying the dinosaur t-shirt - a bit faded but the colours held up, even the pale yellows and greens.
    I still have a set of dye sticks I used on the t-shirt; they have retained their original qualities and are now being used to create a drawing for a quilt.
    I love these dye sticks!

  • Tom

    Fun arts on T-shirts

    Super Pentel product. I've been using it for making T-shirts for my family/friends on many occasions.
    Unfortunately, it isn't possible to send my arts here...
    I recommend Pentel for fabric to all others!