Ergotwist Ballpoint Pen

Fight finger-fatigue.

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  • Adjustable grip twists and cushions to fight finger fatigue
  • Unique, patented mechanism twists grip left and right into optimal shape for the individual
  • Ultra-soft grip material and lightweight barrel offer minimal resistance for maximum writing comfort
  • Retractable pen tip writes medium lines with black ink
  • Uses Pentel BKS10HBP2-K6 refill cartridge

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We're sorry. This product has been permanently discontinued. Replacement and/or similar products are listed below.

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Customer Ratings:

  • Alma

    Bring it bacl

    Bring it back

  • Dorian Williams

    Best pen ever made. bring it back!!

    I have been writing with this pen for over 10 years. Had four of them. One got stolen and two broke after at least a million uses. The last is on its last leg. I literally sign and write for many hours per day and go through a refill every two weeks or so and have for many years. This pen is the only one that does not hurt after hours of use. I need another now!

  • Amy

    LOVED writing with this pen!

    I cannot believe that this fabulous pen has been permanently discontinued! ! Please bring it back! It is so comfortable to write with and it looks like an expensive pen! Love this pen!!!

  • Angie Castellon

    Awesome Pen!

    What?!?! Permanently discontinued!?!? I looove this pen!! How could you?!?!?!

  • Pat Hatchel

    Great Pen

    This is a wonderful pen for those with arthritis or any type of gripping issue and should never be discontinued or out of stock, If Pentel has the good grace to supply it again, stock up - like I would have if I knew it would disappear.