EnerGize™ Mechanical Pencil

Stylish and sleek mechanical pencil to ENERGIZE your day!

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EnerGize Deluxe
Latex-Free Grip
#2 Pencil

Product Details

Customer Ratings:

  • Beyond the next generation - Matching design with EnerGel® Deluxe RTX Gel Pen
  • Stylish mechanical pencil with sleek barrel and textured, latex-free comfort grip
  • Pre-loaded with Pentel® Super Hi-Polymer® HB lead; never needs sharpening, is super strong and produces a clear dark line
  • Refillable with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead and Z2-1 refill eraser
  • Available lead sizes: 0.5mm and 0.7mm
  • Available barrel/accent colors:
    - 0.5mm: Black, Pink, Sky Blue, Violet 
    - 0.7mm: Black, Pink, Sky Blue, Violet

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Product Specifications





Lead Hardness

HB (General Use, Equivalent to #2 Woodcase Pencil Lead)

Latex-Free Grip


#2 Pencil




Barrel Color

Customer Ratings:

  • Karen Potter

    Great until the lead runs out

    I bought a 2-pack of this pencil. I really liked it until the first piece of preloaded lead was used up. I can't get it to advance another piece and i can't remove what is in it. Annoying.

  • Justin

    Great Writing, Grip Issues

    This pencil is great, only problem is that the grip seems to slide down the pencil when I write and that goes the same for the Energize pens as well. And I also noticed if you are not careful to push down the grip, the grip will widen and slide over the cap as well, so if the grip were able to stay in place and not be moved so easily that would be great. Overall though, I really like this pencil's writing capabilities.

  • Sondra

    Almost perfect

    I bought this pencil because it's not too skinny like most of the pencils I've had. It feels good and is not too light but also not heavy. The only problem I have with it is the comfort grip keeps sliding down while I'm using it. I'll probably try to glue it in place because I really like this pencil.

  • Melissa


    Probably my favorite pencil.I love this pencil so much .I have to write a lot ,and the grip is perfect ,not too much ,not too little.This pencil is very durable and comfortable.I love it and have bought 3 of them and I rarley ever buy the same pencil twice .