EnerGel® NV Liquid Gel Pen

Unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship with the fusion of liquid and gel inks

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EnerGel NV
EnerGel Inside
Latex-Free Grip
Quick Drying

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Customer Ratings:

  • High performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience
  • Gel ink dries so quickly, even left-handed writers love it:  no smears, no smudges, no globs
  • Maximum comfort and control with latex-free grip
  • Part of the Pentel Recycology line of products and made of 71% recycled material
  • Sleek and slim barrel makes it easy to hold
  • Available line sizes: 
    - 0.5mm tip writes fine lines
    - 0.7mm tip writes medium lines
  • Available Ink Colors
    - BLN25:  Black, Red and Blue
    - BL27: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Violet
  • Nonrefillable

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Product Specifications




Gel / Liquid Gel

Total Recycled Content
EnerGel Inside


Latex-Free Grip


Quick Drying


Ink Color

Customer Ratings:

  • Tom Evensen

    Pentel Energel 0.5mm

    One of the finest pens I have ever used. Very difficult to find. Can I order them on line?

  • Kerry Hunsicker

    Great pen even below 0 F

    I have used these pens for over three years when I was looking for something to use in my car on very cold mornings to fill out log books or other transactions. Other pens never started on cold mornings - these always do! My wife thought hers had broken but she had used all the ink - got a refill and back in business. One problem, when I use these in business meetings, I feel like I'm driving a NASCAR vehicle with all the writing and advertisements all over the pen. I would pay more to get pens without ANY words except PENTEL in a plain black color.

  • Maryelle Broadwell

    EnerGel 0.5mm ball, Needle Point

    This is the smoothest writing and best of your pens! PLEASE OFFER IT IN REFILLABLE AND RETRACTABLE!! I've tried others that you offer and they don't cut it.

  • James

    Great Pen but not refillable

    These pens are awesome but it sucks they are not refillable. No sense in advertising how eco friendly they are when they are only one time use.

  • H. Gordon

    Pentel EnerGel Pen

    This is my favorite pen -- smooth as silk, it NEVER skips or clots. Makes writing a joy. I've given away more than I can count to friends who exclaim, "This is a great pen! Who makes it?"

  • melo

    looking for pentel energel...

    love this pen - hard to find in stores. I bought several the last time I found them but now need more.

  • T.R. Stone

    Very good writing instrument!

    A delightful pen to write with, especially on heavier paper like the TOPS quadrille pad that uses 20 lb. paper---the smoothness is something you have to experience for yourself. It even does fine on cheaper, less-smooth 16 lb. paper (which a lot of pads sem to be made of these days.) The only thing I'd change is: make the grip just a tiny bit SLIMMER, please. As it is, it's a hair bigger than the Uni-Ball Vision Liquid Ink pen, and the difference, though small, is still noticable. But for all that (about the grip), it has most definitely supplanted the U-B Vision as my favorite pen.

    To paraphrase the old Norelco shaver ads: "I liked them so much, I bought out the store!" Well, not quite. But I bought 5 packages of 4 pens each, so we're talking about $35 worth!