EnerGel® Liquid Gel Pen Refill, 0.5mm NEEDLE Tip

Unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship with the fusion of liquid and gel inks

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EnerGel Inside
Quick Drying

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  • Super-smooth liquid gel ink refill for EnerGel Deluxe RTX Retractable (Item # BLN75) pens
  • produces vivid, fine lines with a 0.5mm needle tip
  • Quick-drying ink is ideal for lefties
  • 1 refill per pack
  • Available ink colors:  Black, Red, Blue

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Gel / Liquid Gel

EnerGel Inside


Quick Drying


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Customer Ratings:

  • Steve


    I've used Pentel products for years and have always been impressed with the quality and styling of the products. About 2 years ago someone in our office ordered the new EnerGel Retractable Pens and I used a red .5mm pen as an editing pen on documents I was updating. Not only is the tip superior to any other on the market, but the ink dries quickly and the trifecta was that it was a retractable pen that looked as good as it writes! No more keeping track of a removable top! They became so popular our secretary had to keep them locked up away from us and doled them out one at a time! I prefer the .7mm tip for general writing and letters and taking notes as it keeps up with my handwriting, but the .5mm is easily the best editing pen I've ever used since the tip gets into tiny spaces on a printed page. Both sizes have a textured rubber grip area which is excellent for those of us in our "later years". Try them, you'll like them and you'll buy them!

  • Sue


    This is the best fine point pen I have used.