EnerGel® Liquid Gel Pen

Unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship with the fusion of liquid and gel inks

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Customer Ratings:

  • The best qualities of liquid ink and gel ink are blended into a super-smooth formula and delivered via an exclusive ink/tip technology
  • Intensely vivid ink dries quickly without smearing or blotting
  • Great for left-handed writers
  • Part of the Pentel Recycology line of products and made of 53% recycled content
  • Futuristic barrel accents indicate ink color
  • 2 tip sizes available:
    - 0.5mm needle tip writes fine lines
    - 0.7mm metal tip writes medium lines
  • 3 ink colors available:
    - Black
    - Red
    - -Blue
  • Nonrefillable

Availability: Out of Stock

We're sorry. This product has been permanently discontinued. Replacement and/or similar products are listed below.


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Gel / Liquid Gel

Total Recycled Content
Ink Color

Customer Ratings:

  • Steph


    Please bring BLN 15-C back. Best pen ever. The weight of the replacement is not the same.

  • Jules

    PLEASE bring this back

    The replacement version is labeled .5m but I don't think it is. It's inferior to the original Energel bln15. Why why why did you change this wonderful pen?

  • X. Tharpe

    Superior Pen

    Best pen ever! Bring, it back.

  • D. Hudson

    Best Pin Ever-Please Bring Back

    I must agree with everyone else who has written a review about this pin. I am also a lefty and this pin makes it so easy to write without having to apply so much pressure.
    I bought this pin for years at a local grocery store. Problem was they never carried a lot of them. At first I would by one or two.
    I work for a large south east bank and travel to many different branch locations. Every time I went into one of the branches the teammates would try to take my pin. So, I began to buy pin's for everyone. When I would revisit the branches they always asked for another on and would say it was the best pin they had ever owned. May times someone else had taken their pin and like me, they were heartbroken that they lost their pin.
    I am now using the EnerGel NV, also purchased from the same grocery store and it is a good pin but does not have quite the same feel and quality.
    I wish I had written you sooner. Perhaps if more people had taken the time to write a review then Pentel would not have discontinued the "Best Pin Ever".

  • Mary

    The best!

    I love using this pen! I've run out of my supply. Please bring it back.

  • Melanie

    My favorite

    I am a teacher and love this pen. My ultimate favorite and believe me I try out every pen. I love school supplies. I even ask people to let me tryout their pen to see if I like it. Please bring it back!

  • Melanie

    My favorite

    I am a teacher and love this pen. My ultimate favorite and believe me I try out every pen. I love school supplies. I even ask people to let me tryout their pen to see if I like it. Please bring it back!

  • Bill

    undying hatred of Pentel for discontinuing this product

    as mentioned before by other reviewers... BEST PEN EVER MADE. Pentel execs are COMPLETE IDIOTS to discontinue this pen. May the exec who made this decision burn in you know where.

  • ali


    This hands down THE BEST PEN EVER PRODUCED; you HAVE to bring it back

  • Iddo

    Bring it back please

    It the only pen I like to use, all the rest leave me dissatisfied. Please..

  • Judy


    I can't agree more! This has been my preferred pen for years! I too am a lefty. I hoarded many of these and my supply is almost out. Please Pentel....why would won't you make them again? Clearly you have consumers who are interested enough to come here and post!! I am sure there are thousands more that will just find your pens and buy them!

  • Diego

    Best pen ever

    I'm a lefty too and this pen was awesome. The first time I bought one I liked it so much I bought like a dozen, now I'm almost out of them and was searching a place to buy more when I learned they are out of production. There is no god, my heart is broken.

  • Jay


    I am a lefty too this pen was perfect for me. It never smeared under my hand and was effortless to push across the paper. Any righty that used it loved it too and tried to steal it. Ending production on this product was a huge mistake. Your problem was these pens just weren't available in stores. They were the best pen that was kept secret from everyone because nobody carried them. Anyone that ever used my pen wanted one. I worked in an old hardware store where we hand wrote charge tickets for most of our customers. We all used these pens and our customers all signed their names with them. We were always asked where could they get a "good writin pen like that". Bring this pen back and fire the sales people at Pentel that were responsible for distribution of this pen. You problem with sales lies with them not this product.

  • B. Weber


    Seriously, why do you produce a pen that works well, then discontinue for something lesser? I've about had it with pentel.

  • Kara

    Bring it back!!

    This is seriously my favorite pen and I'm so close to running out of ink. I am so heartbroken. They are absolutely perfect my job in accounting. They don't bleed or smudge, I can write small and legible because of its incredible precision. It is light weight and so comfortable to use. Please! I need more!

  • Maxwell Spencer

    Bring it Back!

    As a lefty and an artist I have stacks of every pen that three different stores carry and none compare to this model (bln-15a) black .5 mm tip CAPPED pen! I know its just a pen but there is no comparison! The tip was sturdy while precise (and easier to view than with the redesign) and still the ink flows smoother than them all, and of course the black of the ink is 2 shades darker than any other I can't look at a 'black pen' and say its ink is black anymore! For writing or pointillism I still prefer them over the NV replacements! I had the clarity of mind to purchase enough to last me the past 4 or so years but I'm ready to start paying people 5 bucks a pop for their used ones they are that irreplaceable! Help me out Pentel et al!