EnerGel® Liquid Gel Pen Refill, 0.7mm

Unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship with the fusion of liquid and gel inks

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EnerGel Inside
Quick Drying

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Customer Ratings:

  • Standard refill for the following EnerGel® pens:  BL407; BL107; BL77; BL57; and BL37
  • High performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience
  • Writes vivid, medium lines with a 0.7mm metal tip
  • No smears, no smudges and no globs
  • Quick-drying ink is ideal for lefties
  • 1 refill per pack
  • Available ink colors:  Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Sky Blue, Violet

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Product Specifications


Gel / Liquid Gel

EnerGel Inside


Quick Drying


Ink Color

Customer Ratings:

  • Lena Renfro

    Love the pen

    I absolutely love these pens. They are the best!

  • bz

    Great for southpaws

    This gel dries so fast I don't smear it as my hand passes over it. I am a southpaw without that peculiar hand movement that curls over to keep from writing over. So this pen was a game-changer. I bought the pens locally the first time, but since there are refills here for much less than buying new pens, I have been refilling them for 5 years and the bodies are still going strong.