Colored Pencils, Set of 24

Add Some Color to Your Life!

Colored pencils - 24 pk


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  • Set of 24 pre-sharpened, real wood cased pencils
  • Clear, brilliant colors are long lasting and fade resistant
  • Pencils are strong and break resistant
  • Apply smoothly and blend easily for subtle shades, tints and color mixtures
  • Non-roll, hexagonal barrel shape prevents pencils from rolling off work surface
  • Ideal for drawing, illustrations, designs, sketches, posters, murals, portraits, and caricatures

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Product Specifications



Lead Hardness

HB (General Use, Equivalent to #2 Woodcase Pencil Lead)



Customer Ratings:

  • tommy


    picked up a box of pentel colored pencils at some store,finally got around too using them. They were really good.they have a good"feel" when i use them. very smooth finish . After a long session of drawing some pens start to hurt. great colors also.[duh,they are pentel.]